UAB web standards page elementsEvery UAB website has latitude for creativity, but several nonnegotiable elements are essential to effective branding and efficient navigation:


Web page headers may consist of up to three unique elements. An approved UAB logo (1) is required, and the Search Bar (2) and Quick Links (3) should be included when technically possible. Some Web-based applications, such as the Campus Calendar, may not support the Quick Links drop-down menu or local search bar.


The body of the page may vary based on its purpose, and this guideline is intended for typical Web pages. Contact Web Communications for communication needs or Web-based applications that require modifications to this guideline.

A Header Image (4) can be used to showcase your offerings to students, faculty, donors, or other potential audiences. Promotional elements are typically relegated to the front door of a site and on major landing pages (like a department landing page).

Site Navigation (5) in the green horizontal navigation bar is specific to each Web site and should be located on all pages, and Page/Local Navigation (6) in the left sidebar navigation is area specific within a given site.

The Main Content (7) and Peripheral Content (8) areas may serve many purposes, including news feeds, promotional elements, event listings, polls, etc.


The Accessibility/Text Only (9) link to the text-only version of website is required to meet ADA guidelines. The UAB Web Pages Disclaimer (10), UAB WWW Policy (11), Contact Information (12) and Copyright (13) links are mandated by UAB Web Policy.