Honors Program

Carlon Harris: "We stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors who have fought for equality and unity within America."The African American Studies Honors program promotes academic excellence; gives you opportunities for extensive study and research in the discipline; and prepares academically talented majors to pursue graduate school or professional careers.


Participation in the program gives you unique access to faculty and the chance to interact with other honors students in an environment that encourages creative and innovative thinking. Seminar participation and research experience is useful for graduate study—honors participation is an advantage when applying to graduate programs—or a career in the field. Students who complete the program will be recognized at the African American Studies outstanding student ceremony and will graduate "With Honors in African American Studies."


Students who wish to join the African American Studies Honors program must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:
  • complete three required courses:
    • AAS 200: Introduction to African American Studies
    • AAS 325: Black Psychology
    • AAS 350: Research Methods in African American Studies
  • maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.25 GPA in African American Studies courses;
  • have a junior or senior level standing



Students in the African American Studies Honors program are required to do the following:
  • complete required courses for the AAS major
  • be approved by the Program Director
  • complete AAS 497: Honors Seminar (Fall Semester)
  • complete AAS 498: Honors Thesis/Project (Spring Semester)
  • formally present the final project



For additional information and/or admission to the African American Honors Program, please contact:
Dr. Kay Morgan, Program Director
322 Heritage Hall
(205) 975-9651 or 975-9652