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Yes, students who are interested in the PhD program should apply directly to that program.
Yes, if the student has fulfilled the program prerequisites​. Students who hold bachelors degrees in other fields may register as non-degree seeking graduate students​ in order to take the CIS prerequisites.
Applications are reviewed as they are received. Depending on the time of year, it takes approximately one month to process an application after it is complete (GRE received, TOEFL received if appropriate, transcript received, letters received, etc.).
For the MS program, there is no a priori limit/acceptance rate. Applicants are accepted/rejected based upon their credentials.

For the PhD program, the number of offers depends on the number of new slots opened through graduation or new grant funding. There are always some slots each semester.
No, but if you do take it, please report your score to us as it may enhance your chances for admission and financial aid.
We expect this to be the case for all continuing students. You should submit the most up-to-date transcripts available along with a list of courses you are currently enrolled in. If admitted, it will be contingent upon providing a completed transcript once you arrive.
Please follow the application instructions on the UAB Graduate School website. You can mail documents to the Graduate School at:

UAB Graduate School
1700 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35294-0013
You do not need to formally apply for financial aid. All accepted applicants are automatically considered for financial aid.
There are no Teaching or Research Assistantships available for entering MS applicants, but Minimum Duties Assistantships are available. Please see Assistantships, Fellowships & Financial Aid for more information.
This is very important, as it will determine the faculty advisor you will be assigned to and how competitive your application is for financial aid. It is acceptable to have interests in more than one area, especially if there is documented research or project work in each area. It is rarely appropriate, and certainly not useful, to be interested in all areas.
You may contact faculty to learn more information about their research. Once admitted we will assign you a specific faculty advisor whose research interests are closest to those you have indicated on your application.

Note: You should not ask individual faculty members for financial aid or send them a detailed resume. Such e-mail is considered spam. Financial aid is coordinated through the department, not individual faculty members. Incoming students are not supported on research assistantships as they enter.