Master's-Level Programs

The department's master's programs are designed to provide advanced study opportunities for individuals who:
  • hold a bachelors degree in Computer Science and would like to advance their technical knowledge in the field and/or learn about research in Computer Science,
  • hold a bachelors degree in another field and want to make a career transition to the computing field, or
  • currently work in the computing field and wish to obtain a graduate degree for career advancement

We offer MS degrees in both Computer and Information Sciences (MSCIS) and Computer Forensics and Security Management (MSCFSM), as well as a certificate in Computer Forensics.

The MSCIS program provides an advanced level of computer science knowledge, building on the foundation provided by the Bachelor of Science degree. It also helps students with undergraduate degrees in closely related disciplines — such as in mathematics or engineering — transition to a deep understanding of computer science. MSCIS students go on to solve computational problems in science and engineering fields, employing a deeper, broader perspective to such problems than students prepared at the Bachelor of Science level.

Student working at a computer screen. The MSCFSM program is an interdisciplinary program that prepares graduates for entry- and advanced-level positions in the field of forensics and security management by developing the necessary skills crucial for success. The program also provides current practitioners the opportunity to obtain advanced-level training to facilitate career advancement. The program includes a set of core, required courses (including a field practicum) and the opportunity to select from two areas of specialization.

The Certificate in Computer Forensics trains students in all the skills necessary for a successful career as a cybercrime investigator or as a computer forensics examiner.

The Certificate in Cyber Security is intended for students who are interested in training in the core areas of cyber security and digital forensics.

Questions About the Program?

We invite you to explore the resources here on this website. If you still have questions that are not addressed here, please email the graduate program director at