Purushotham V. BangaloreProfessor; Assistant Director, The Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research
Campbell Hall 131
(205) 934-8604

Research and Teaching Interests: High Performance Computing, Grid/Cloud Computing, Parallel Programming Paradigms, Introductory Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Parallel Computing

J. William Cupp. Instructor
Campbell Hall 126
(205) 934-0650

Research and Teaching Interests: Computer Programming, Programming Languages, Theory of Computation, Professionalization of Computer Science, Software Engineering

Ragib Hasan. Assistant Professor
Facebook Suite, UBOB (4th Floor)

Research and Teaching Interests: Cloud Security, the Internet of Things, Digital Forensics, Mobile Malware Security, Secure Provenance, Biomedical Device Security, Social Network Security, Database Security

John Johnstone. Associate Professor (joint appointment in Ophthalmology)
Campbell Hall 125
(205) 975-5633

Research and Teaching Interests: Shape Modeling, Biomedical Modeling, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision

Peter Pirkelbauer. Assistant Professor
Campbell Hall 143
(205) 934-8532

Research and Teaching Interests: Compilers, Programming Languages, Concurrency

Nitesh Saxena. Associate Professor
Campbell Hall 133
(205) 975-3432

Research and Teaching Interests: All Aspects of Information Assurance with Emphasis on: Computer and Network Security, Wireless and Mobile Device Security, Usable Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography

Alan Sprague. Professor
Campbell Hall 129
(205) 934-8513

Research and Teaching Interests: Data Mining, Automata, and Other Restricted Models of Computation, Graph Algorithms, Cyberbullying

Da Yan. Assistant Professor

Research and Teaching Interests: Big Data Management, Distributed Computing, Data Mining

Chengcui Zheng. Professor
Campbell Hall 127
(205) 934-8606

Research and Teaching Interests: Database Systems, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Machine Learning

Yuliang Zheng. Professor and Chair
Campbell Hall 114
(205) 934-8655

Research and Teaching Interests: Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Digital Privacy, Modern Cryptography