Brent Caswell

Brent Caswell is a senior in Political Science with a minor in International Studies. He specializes in user interface and user experience design, especially as it relates to software and hardware.

Personal Life
Brent is a news enthusiast. His favorite publications are The Economist, the New York Times, and the quarterly publication Foreign Affairs. In tech news, he follows The Verge, Anandtech, and listens to multiple podcasts. Brent is also a big fan of modern, high-quality TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones.

Student Life
As part of his work in organizational design, Brent helped reorganize UAB’s Undergraduate Student Government Association. After rewriting the organization’s Code of Laws, he worked to reform the underused Freshman Forum committee and merged it into the Executive branch, allowing UAB’s future USGA leaders to directly work with the current leadership. He also worked to refocused the USGA Senate into a student-issue driven organization based on committees, while also reforming the Senator-At-Large position. This allowed issue-based committees to be brought to the forefront, as opposed to a single person managing multiple issues at once.

His article on Gizmodo focused on the weaknesses inherent in the iPhone’s lockscreen design. Many of the ideas proposed in his article have been developed into separate software products. He says that “the more someone uses something, the more they understand how it functions. You can start to see how it might function better.” This insight drives him to research and write about how the products and interfaces we all use can be improved.

Fellow Life
As a Media Fellow with UAB Digital Media, Brent is looking forward to gaining experience working within a team and collaborating on team-based projects. His favorite project since beginning work as a Media Fellow has been preparing Knowledge Jam, our knowledge base project, for launch. He is working on layout, design, and directing the project.

Life After UAB
Brent wants to enter a career designing software products. His knowledge and experience with both user interface and user experience design provides a solid platform to provide end users with tools that are a delight to use.
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