Daniel Twieg

Daniel Twieg is a Senior majoring in Graphic Design, with a minor in Film & Animation. His interests include graphic design, animation, photography, cinematography, and video editing.

Personal Life
Daniel was born in the Midwest and is a fan of the Dallas Stars National Hockey League team and still has fond memories of attending games on the home ice. Additionally, Daniel played hockey for over a decade. He loves to talk about movies and loves films with amazing cinematography and awesome music, such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Last Samurai, and Gladiator. His favorite movie composer is Hans Zimmer.

Student Life
Daniel recently won two Student ADDY Awards, the Student Best of Show (as part of a group project) and Student Gold award at the 2013 Birmingham ADDY Awards. The Best of Show was awarded for the group’s work on a redesign of Sloss Furnaces graphics with a new steampunk theme. The project featured a new logo, billboards, motion graphics, and a website. His Student Gold award was for the photography showcasing Sloss Furnaces. His Sloss Furnaces photography was also selected as a semifinalist in the 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards and chosen as a winner in the 2013 HOW International Design Awards.

Daniel began working for UAB’s student newspaper Kaleidoscope in August 2011 as a staff photographer, and has worked his way up to managing editor. The project Daniel is most proud of while working at Kaleidoscope is a full page graphic and poster that was used as the cover for one issue, entitled “2012: Year of the Dragon”.

Additionally, he was the recipient of a 2012 Sappi Ideas that Matter grant for his group's work for the Cahaba Blueway rebranding project. The project featured a new logo, brochures, signage, and an app.

Fellow Life
While working with UAB Digital Media, Daniel has worked on many projects that have helped to fill out his portfolio with professional work. He and Eric Boulanger created a video that shares Scott Thigpen’s experiences in “The Tour Divide” race, as well as a shorter version used in Scott’s TEDx appearance. As a Media Fellow, he expands his knowledge and skills with the software and techniques he already uses. Additionally, he wants to branch out and learn about audio design and how to compose music.

Life After UAB
Daniel would like to find a job with an environment similar to the one found at UAB Digital Media. He enjoys being in a relaxed team environment while working hard to complete projects. His goal is to go into film production where he can utilize his various talent pools including creating for audio, animation, photography, cinematography, storytelling, and graphic design. What excites him about film is the impact and intimacy audiences have with the final product. These strong impressions people have towards a body of work drives him towards perfection within his craft.
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