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PMS volume 42, 2015, cover. “The pieces are finely crafted, yes, but, more, are significant in that they strive to reach readers on deep levels." — Read the rest of the review by Anne Graue on NewPages
Cover of PMS 15, an orchid with electric details. PMS poem­mem­oirstory is a 140-page, perfect-bound, all-women’s lit­er­ary jour­nal pub­lished annu­ally by the Uni­ver­sity of Alabama at Birmingham. We proudly feature the best literary writing by emerging and established women writers. While PMS is a jour­nal of exclu­sively women’s writ­ing, the subject field is wide open. First published in 2000, the editors seek to include compelling, intellectually rigorous writing that represents a diverse range of women’s voices and experiences. Simply put, we want to be riveted.

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News and Events

  • We are currently reading new submissions through March for PoemMemoirStory 16.
  • Our new issue (PMS 15) is now available, and the cover features a stunning photograph by Kim Ball. See the ToC and read excerpts on the Current Issue page.
  • We will begin to feature select poems read by their authors on the site. You can hear them on the Listen to PMS page.
  • We have started doing interviews with some of our contributors. These include Mary Jo Bang, Antonya Nelson, and Margaret Wrinkle as well as filmmakers Allison Anders, Lucy Alibar, Marlene McCurtis, Sandra Jaffe, and Marsha Hamilton of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.
  • During our publication party each winter, we do an annual drive of new children’s books to give to the “Aid to Inmate Mothers Story Book Project” at the Tutwiler Women’s Prison in Alabama. Learn more about the Stories of Hope program on their website.
  • We celebrate the work of Ila Faye Miller, director of Studio-by-the-Tracks, for all of her incredible work in the autism community in Alabama and for creating a nurturing environment for children and adults with autism, providing them with free classes year-round to discover their talents as artists. The 2014 cover is “La iglesia” by Inés Oriheula, a radiant artist from Studio-by-Tracks.