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Jeral Lavender II and Alex Jones perform their own piece for Voices of UAB. Watch the Editor-in-Chief of Aura and the General Manager of Blazeradio perform spoken word.

   Aura releases the third Artist Spotlight! This week, we showcase Sarah Oetken who was published in our Fall/Winte 2016 issue. She was also a winner in our fine arts competition. She mixes neuroscience and art to create outstanding artwork.
     Aura starts a new video series called, "Voices of UAB." We film UAB spoken word artists performing their original work and put the videos out on social media. This week, we show Ra'Quann performing his piece, "Ms. Fat Booty."
We released our second Artist Spotlight. This week, we showcase Tahla Tessier. She was published in our Fall/Winter 2016 issue. She is already showing some of her work on her Facebook and plans to pitch a cartoon idea.

Come out to the Hill Student Center to celebrate the release of our Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Aura.

Aura Launch Party date

Our first Artist Spotlight of the year 2017 is Valerie Nicole Barnes. She is a sophmore/junior at UAB majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Art Studio. Her unique art is cosplay. She has done charity work as a cosplayer with organizations at different events. Watch the video for the full video.

If you are a UAB student and believe you have a unique artistic talent, contact Aura at