Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminal Justice

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Department Chair
John Sloan, Ph.D.
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What Can You Do With a Degree in Criminal Justice?

Program of Study
The program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree offers students broad academic exposure to the field of criminal justice and provides some opportunity for concentrated study in their areas of interest.

The primary mission of the program is to educate students by developing in them the basic skills and knowledge necessary in the field of criminal justice, including

(1) major theoretical explanations for crime/delinquency;
(2) the logic and procedures associated with the research process, including understanding statistical inference and hypothesis testing;
(3) the substantive, procedural, and operational aspects of the criminal justice system and its processes; and
(4) the ethical foundations for the system, its agencies, and personnel.

Each of these areas is developed through activities that are associated with specific courses in the curriculum. A description of these links can be viewed at the Department's Matrix of Learning Outcomes website. The program also stresses the importance of students developing their writing and quantitative literacy skills, as well as an understanding of the role of professional ethics in the field.

NOTE: Beginning Fall of 2010, students choosing criminal justice as their major will be required to complete a capstone course for the major that incorporates material from across the curriculum and involves students in a variety of substantive exercises designed to enhance their understanding of the discipline of criminal justice. The Internship courses (JS497, JS498, JS499) fulfill this requirement.  Further, beginning Fall of 2011, students pursuing the major will have slightly different requirements although the number of hours (42) will remain the same.

Students are strongly advised to refer to the UAB Undergraduate Catalog for additional information on the core curriculum, major, and minor requirements. Direct any questions to the SBS Advising Office located in Heritage Hall 510, 975-0097.