Elizabeth A. Gardner, Ph.D.



Assistant Professor

University Boulevard Office Bldg.
1201 University Blvd.
Room 316
Birmingham, AL 35294-4562

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Phone: 205.934.0668

Fax: 205.934.2067

Other information

Other information:
Dr. Gardner is an Assistant Professor of Forensic Science. Her research interests include drug chemistry, criminalistics (especially fingerprints), and developing technologies in crime scene investigation.

Ph.D. (1998), Chemistry, Michigan State University.
B.S. (1993), Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University.

Research Interests:
Drug chemistry
Criminalistics, esp. advances in fingerprinting technology and crime scene investigation

Teaching Interests:
Forensic chemistry
Analytical chemistry

Recent Courses Taught:
Seminar in Forensic Science (JS679)
Elements of Forensic Science (JS672)
Criminalistics (JS250)
Cold Case Analysis (JS465)

Recent Publications:
Hannah C. Nelson, Elizabeth A. Gardner, and M. Daniel Matteo (Forthcoming). "Microcrystal Analysis of Cocaine Hydrochloride and Added Adulterants." Journal of Forensic Science.

Hamden, Jubna, Marym Zarei, Russell Chainelli, and Elizabeth A. Gardner (2008). "Sustainable Water and Energy in Gaza Strip." Renewable Energy 33(6):1137-1146.