MS Date:   2003
Advisor:     Dr. Oversteegen

2006-present Statistician, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
2005-06 Scientist, Northrop Grumman contract with Defense Threat Reduction Agency
2003-05 Graduate coursework/research in Biostatistics, UNC Chapel Hill
2002-05 Internships and part-time work at National Institutes of Health
2003 M.S. Mathematics, UAB
2002 B.S. Mathematics, UAB

Like so many of my fellow alumni, I have fond memories of my time at UAB, particularly as a student in the Mathematics department and its Fast-track program. The faculty encouraged success both in math courses/research and in all other areas of study. In my current position, I analyze data and conduct research, but also communicate findings to other researchers, lawmakers, and the general public on a broad range of highway safety issues. The analytical and problem-solving skills from my math background and breadth of education obtained at UAB have greatly helped me succeed in my career of improving highway safety.