MS Date: 2006
Career: 2010-present: Research Statistician, Cardiovascular Institute of New Jersey at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  2010-present: Doctoral Student, Biostatistics at UMDNJ/Rutgers University School of Public Health
  2006: M.S. Mathematics, UAB
2005: B.S. Mathematics, UAB 

Jeanine Sedjro: I really have good memories from the department of mathematics at UAB. First, professors were really nice and approachable. The Friday afternoon teas were a great way for students and faculty to network and get to know each other. This is something that I have not experienced in other academic settings. We formed a close-knit community and it was great! The support of professors like Dr. Stolz and Dr. Lewis helped me a great deal. The probability and statistics courses by Dr. Chernov provided a background for my future work in statistics. I learned to solve the Rubik's cube through Dr. Knowles' fun class. I am grateful for the facilities the math department had available for us as fast-track students and graduate students such as offices, common's room, math reading room, etc. I am really grateful for this experience and I have to say my math background is one of my most valuable assets.