We are looking for students ready to accept a challenge. These pages will provide you with information about our M.S. program and supply you with all necessary information and materials needed for an application. Please see also the information on our Fast-Track program and our Ph.D. program.

This program aims to give students the background to use mathematics in a variety of ways. We train students in mathematical rigor. This provides training in the ability to analyze and solve problems in all walks of life. We also emphasize the development of communication skills of our students (in the classes they take as well as in the classes they teach). Therefore the M.S. program prepares students not only for a career in secondary or junior college level teaching but provides also a very good preparation for students who go into business, industry, or government. In the past our students have been very successful in obtaining employment. Of course, the M.S. program will also prepare students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics but whose undergraduate education did not provide them with a sufficient background in advanced mathematics to directly enter a Ph.D. program.

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