Elizabeth Baker. Assistant Professor
Heritage Hall 460F
(205) 975-5738

Research and Teaching Interests: Quantitative Methods, Health Disparities among Children and Adolescents, Immigration and Acculturation, Deviant Behaviors, Marriage and Family

Chris Biga. Teaching Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Heritage Hall 460J
(205) 934-8408

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychological Aspects of the Self, the Environment, and Consumerism

Nyesha Black. Visiting Assistant Professor
Heritage Hall 460 M
(205) 934-8680

Research and Teaching Interests: Race/Ethnicity, Health Disparities, Minority Health, Demography, Spatial Inequalities

Cullen Clark. Teaching Assistant Professor; Director, Online MA in Applied Sociology 
Heritage Hall 460-L
(205) 934-3322

Research and Teaching Interests: Applied Sociology, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Worldview of Medical Practitioners

Patricia Drentea. Associate Professor; Interim Chair
Heritage Hall 460R
(205) 934-2562

Research and Teaching Interests: Aging, Family, Gender

Katie-PridgenVisiting Assistant Professor
Heritage Hall 460K
(205) 934-8679

Research and Teaching Interests: Sexuality, Gender, Stratification, Social Movements, Popular Culture, Virtual Spaces, Social Psychology

Irena Stepanikova. Associate Professor
Heritage Hall 460
(205) 934-3943

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Race/Ethnicity, Social Psychology, Quantitative Methods

Magda Szaflarski. Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
Heritage Hall 460Q
(205) 934-0825

Research Interests: Religion and HIV/AIDS, Health Inequalities, Minority Health, Mental and Behavioral Health, Epilepsy, Health-related Quality of Life

Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Sociology of Mental Health, Minority Health, Religion and Health, Global Health, Health Systems, HIV/AIDS, Social Change, Global Sociology

Mieke ThomeerAssistant Professor
Heritage Hall 460P
(205) 996-2301

Research and Teaching Interests: Aging, Family, Gender, Health, Sexuality

Joseph Wolfe. Assistant Professor
Heritage Hall 460A
(205) 8681

Research and Teaching Interests: Health Disparities, The Life Course, Substance Abuse