Office for Non-Degree Students

Welcome to the Office for Non-Degree Students!  As a non-degree student you have the opportunity to use the services of our office. An  advisor in CAS will be available to help you navigate the university system as well as develop academic action plans as needed. 

Non-Degree Students
If you wish to enroll in undergraduate courses with no intent of pursuing a degree you should apply and be classified as a non-degree seeking student (Temporary, Transient, and Post-Baccalaureate).

You may apply as a temporary or post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking student if you are pursuing a certificate program in the School of Education or the School of Business, but you will work with an advisor in one of those schools.  

The following restrictions apply to non-degree students:

  1. Ineligible for financial aid or for priority registration.
  2. If a course is over-enrolled, non-degree students may be dropped in favor of degree-seeking students.
  3. May not participate in intercollegiate sports.

Additional information for Non-Degree Students: