Established in 1986, the Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering (CBSE) is one of the world’s largest Structure Based Drug Discovery facilities. CBSE is centered on a suite of integrated high throughput laboratories, creating a cost-effective platform of discovery services designed to increase the efficiency and success for drug discovery projects with industry, academic and government partners.

In 1990 the CBSE Engineering Division was created to support the development of specialized research instruments for ground and microgravity based research experiments. The Engineering Division has grown into a full service organization providing customers with a range of solutions from technical guidance to complete turn key systems and services (concept through fabrication). The engineering group has a history of designing, developing and commercializing innovative hardware and software systems for the aeronautic and life sciences industry. Access to this type of expertise in applied engineering creates a bridge for researchers interested in the development of novel systems that enable new technology to impact the future of scientific research.