CPCG-HM (Commercial Protein Crystal Growth- High Density Modified)

CBSE scientists will demonstrate the scientific and commercial value for protein crystallization on a long-duration microgravity mission. This will be accomplished using CBSE Engineering flight hardware to grow high-value proteins whose structures are difficult to be determined through ground-based methods. The proteins will include samples of Liquid-Liquid experiments and Vapor Diffusion experiments.

The hardware includes the use of two MERLIN refrigerator-incubators called CPCG-HM (Commercial Protein Crystal Growth- High Density Modified) that are installed within an EXPRESS Rack on ISS to maintain desired temperatures of +20oC and +4oC.

CBSE Engineering services include verification, integration, and launch and landing support for the hardware.

The protein crystal growth experiments launched on SpaceX CRS-3 in April 2014 and returned on SpaceX CRS-4.