Polar is a powered, single middeck Locker equivalent size, -80°C freezer developed by CBSE for NASA Crew and Thermal Systems Division (CTSD).  Polar is capable of operating within SpaceX's Dragon Capsule, the Cygnus Pressurized Cargo Module, and the International Space Station (ISS) EXpedite the Processing of Experiments for the Space Station (EXPRESS) Rack. It is additionally capable of being tranported via soft stowage aboard the HTV and ATV vehicles. 

The main function of Polar is to provide a -80°C
freezing and storage unit for a broad range of science samples during transportation to and from the ISS and while aboard the ISS. Accommodating samples of various dimensions and shapes will provide NASA with the capability to satisfy the need of future science experiments conducted aboard the ISS.

 The first flight for a Polar unit is projected to be on SpaceX CRS-5.

For more information on Polar, contact Polar Project Manager, David Ray, davidray@uab.edu