1. What is the age limit for our patients? There is no age limit for our special needs patients.
  2. What is done during a routine visit or what kind of treatment is offered? Usually preventive-oral examination, teeth cleaning and fluoride application; restorative care-fillings and/or stainless steel crowns; extractions-removal of non-restorable teeth.  No orthodontic treatment is offered.
  3. Will you sedate my child?  Sedation is recommended as an aid to help manage the behavior of our patients.  We don't sedate our patients.  Their medical doctor may write a prescription for a sedation medication to be given before their appointment.
  4. Will my child be treated by a student?  No.  All pediatric dentistry residents are dentists.
  5. Do I need to bring a referral from the doctor?  Only if there are specific instructions or requests from the doctor for the dentist or your insurance requires a referral form.
  6. Do you use any wraps or jackets to restrain the patient? Yes.  We use passive medical immobilization devices when needed for the safety of the patient and the staff.
  7. Do you see clients with Medicaid dental coverage? Yes.
  8. Do you see emergency patients? Yes.  Please go to this emergency link for specific instructions about emergencies.
  9. Do you treat non-disabled children, sisters or brothers of patients? When possible, for some procedures, we can treat the non-disabled siblings of our patients.
  10. What do we need to bring to the first appointment? Please bring the patients' identification information, health and medical information including a list of medications with dosages and the times taken, names, addresses and fax numbers of physicians, and proof of insurance or third party coverage.
  11. Where is the clinic? Please see this map link for directions to our clinic.  Check in at the Reception Desk in Room 101.  The Dental Clinic is in Room 125.