Biacore 2000 is an instrument that utilizes the surface plasmon resonance technique to detect and quantify of the binding kinetics between interacting partners. 

Applications and Key Features:

•Measures intermolecular binding kinetics in real time under a variety of solution conditions
•Allows determination of equilibrium binding constants
•No labeling of either binding partner is necessary
•Only very small amounts of sample required (microgram or less per experiment), high purity is Not essential in most cases
•Automated operation from 96 well microtiter plates

The BIACore 2000 machine is available for trained users to measure the kinectics of the interaction between protein-protein/DNA/RNA/small molecules.  The pre-requisite is for utilizing the machine is to obtain training with GE Healthcare.  Collaborative efforts are encouraged. For more information contact: Dr. Champy Deivanayagam, PhD, Email:, Phone: 205-934-6026