Molecular Biophysics can advance your research with applications in:

1) Protein Engineering; Detecting misfolded domains;

2) Proteomics: energetic domain architecture;

3) Optimization of Crystallization conditions;

4) Biopharmaceutical Formulations;

5) Drug Discovery: developing universal assay for lead identification, development;

6) Ligand binding – small molecule/peptide/protein; protein/protein; protein/DNA; small molecule/protein/DNA

*amounts of material range from 100 micrograms to a few milligrams depending on instrument used and experiment selected. Concentrations range from 0.3 mg/mL to single digit mg/mL.

Equipment includes:

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (BiaCore)
  • Spectroscopies (circular dichroism, fluorescence, light scattering, etc.)
  • High-throughput Self-interaction Chromatography (HSC) for rapid determination of optimum protein solubility/stability solution conditions for aqueous and membrane proteins
  • Microcal Automated Differential Scanning Calorimetry (auto-capillary DSC). Obtain thermal and thermodynamic stability of macromolecule; effects of mutations, buffer conditions, and ligand binding to these parameters. Run a single sample in under 2 hours. This is provided only as service to user.
  • In conjunction with self interaction chromatography (as described above), DSC can confirm that the conditions predicted by SIC, do, in fact, reduce aggregation. Up to 50 samples in 24 hours can be analyzed with as little as 200 mg per sample.  
  • Microcal Automated Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC 200). Run a single sample in under 2 hours. Enables the determination of all binding parameters in a single experiment, label-free and without the need for immobilization, using as little as submilligram quantities of protein per experiment. Study binding by small molecules, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids,  lipids and other biomolecules, enzyme kinetics, effects of molecular structure changes on binding mechanisms (SAR). 

User can be trained in a few hours  to run their own experiment or can be provided as a service.