picture of the 7 media fellows

Just a few short months ago, we had the honor of selecting the first class of Media Fellows at UAB Digital Media. 7 of the best digital storytellers on our campus were selected after submitting their online portfolios and telling us more about themselves in a panel interview.

We are so pleased to welcome the following students in as our Media Fellows:

Brent Caswell

Betsy Cates

Matt Drummond

Ryan Meyer

Karla Khodanian 

Kevin Peek

Daniel Twieg 

You can catch them here in our lab 20 hours a week. They'll likely be contributing to and managing several projects at a time, but they'll stop for a few minutes to help you with your project or invite you to one of our Step It Up tutorials. They are the Swiss Army Knives of our operation, and we are so excited to have them on our team!

Read their bios to learn more about them.

More about the Media Fellows program

Media Fellows are the cream-of-the-crop digital storytellers on our campus. Though their friends may describe them as "tech geeks," they know that there's more to being media savvy than just knowing how to use the tools. They are master message-crafters, and they make the technology work for them, selecting the right tools for the right message.

Media Fellows are experts in a multiple areas. Here's just a few:
  • social media
  • web writing/blogging
  • graphic design
  • animation
  • videography
  • app development
  • web development
  • music technology
  • photography

Fellows commit to 20 hours of work a week for fall and spring.

This is not your average campus job.

  • Fellows are paid $12 an hour and are granted a $1000 technology stipend.
  • Media Fellows don't just follow through with required tasks - they are relied upon to research, consult, manage projects, and teach workshops.

Applications for next year's program will open in late Spring 2014.