Starbucks24-7Yeah, you read that right!  Starbucks in Sterne Library will be open 24 hours (Sunday through Thursday) starting at 1pm on Sunday, April 22 until 7pm on Tuesday, May 8.  Sterne Library will be open 24 hours for you to study, so of course UAB Campus Restaurants will keep Starbucks open so you can stay awake.  Grab a hot White Cafe Mocha and a delicious cake pop while studying or cool down with a cold Iced Passion Tea Lemonade and a Petites Pastry Bite.

Just remember when you are up at 4am cramming for that Chemistry test in 4 hours - Starbucks Coffee will be there to keep your electrons firing through that last minute prep and during the test. Okay -- you can get off the computer now and head to Starbucks to begin studying.