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The UAB community is made up of a diverse population of people. Many of its faculty, staff and students are from various states and countries. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t come as a shock that there is a King working for Campus Restaurants.

Dubbed the “BBQ King” by his colleagues, Albert King has been a grill master all his life. “My dad was a cook in the army, and he taught me how to cook when I was really young,” says King. Appropriately, King will be the manning the barbeque grill for the upcoming BBQ Blues event.

How long have you worked for Campus Restaurants?

5 years

Have you always been a cook?

Yes, before I came here, I worked at my cousin’s BBQ joint in Palm Springs, California. It was a soul food restaurant, and I cooked whatever need to be cooked. I grilled and I smoked about two cases of ribs per day.

When you’re not on the grill, where else can the student’s find you on campus?

Look for me driving the van. I really like driving it, because I get to get out and meet the students when I’m making the deliveries.

Why should students attend BBQ Blues this year?

They may learn something. The meat will be good, because the cook is even better!

What advice would you give for someone who isn’t much of a grill master?

It’s all a process. To master it, you have to be around different people so you can learn from them. You have to be willing to experiment with different seasonings in order to see what works. You can’t rush the process.

What’s one of your go to methods for barbecuing?

I marinade the meat in Italian dressing, because a lot of spices are already in it. I can’t tell you any of my secret recipes.

What is one of your fondest food memories?

Two years ago, my cousins and I cooked an entire hog on a rotisserie. It took all day: 12 – 13 hours. It was the best hog I ever had. Twenty people were able to eat off of it, and we still had leftovers. We did it for a Thanksgiving birthday party. Barbecue is a family thing.

If you could be any kitchen appliance, what would you be?

I’d be a blender. I like to mix up a lot of stuff.

Students can witness Albert King’s grilling skills on Tuesdays and Thursdays at BBQ Blues, outside the Commons. The menu will feature a entrée, side and beverage, and can be purchased with Dining Dollars, Blazer Bucks or cash or credit.

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