Sodexo is committed to improving the quality of daily life for people, whenever and wherever they come together. To that end, Sodexo was one of the first contract food service companies to partner with Food Alliance. This non-profit organization promotes sustainable agriculture by recognizing and rewarding farmers who produce food in environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways. Together, Sodexo and Food Alliance take responsibility for educating our customers and others in the food system about the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

Every day, we make choices in the food we buy and the food we eat. This directly impacts our lives- not just what we eat, but the water we drink, the air we breathe and the health of our communities. Our Food Alliance guiding principles are:

  • Protecting and conserving water resources
  • Protecting and enhancing soil resources
  • Conserving and recycling nutrients
  • Reducing the environmental and health impacts of pesticides by practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Conserving and enhancing wildlife habitat
  • Providing safe and fair working conditions for our employees and our families
  • Producing Food Alliance certified crops without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO's)
  • Provide healthy and humane care for livestock
  • Continually improving farming/ranching practices
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Sodexo is committed to social responsibility, especially those surrounding our food supply. Everyday we make food choices. And, whenever possible, we will select foods that meet or exceed the standards set forth with the Food Alliance. So, be sure to look for the Food Alliance seal. It's better for you; better for the environment and better for our farmers. Please help us to improve the quality of daily life for the communities we serve. [ more ] [ brochure ] [ press release ]
Link: STOP Hunger

STOP Hunger: Since 1999, the Sodexo Foundation has been committed to being a driving and creative force that contributes to a hunger-free nation. In order to eliminate hunger that affects 36 million people in the U.S., we must fight its root causes... [ more ]

Manufacturing Partners: Sodexo has been an active member of industry coalitions which encourage legislators, manufacturers and consumers to jointly develop rational, not reactionary, strategies to today's environmental needs... [ more ]
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Sodexo's Environmental Action Program is complex and multifaceted, offering solid information and tools to make our customers, clients, employees, and society at large aware of environmental problems and how they can help. [ more ]