Welcome to the UAB Counseling Clinic

Sean Hall HeadshotSean Hall, Ph.D.
Counseling Clinic Director
On behalf of the Counselor Education Program within the Department of Human Studies in the School of Education, we are pleased to welcome you to our Counselor Education Community Clinic. We are proud to offer affordable mental health counseling services to the residents of Jefferson County in an effort to fill a much needed service gap in our community. Our Counselor Education Program has earned a long and distinguished reputation for graduating competent practitioners who have gone on to promote client well-being at the local, national, and international level. Our graduate counseling clinic is the newest addition to our program and is positioned to enhance our outreach within the surrounding community and to enhance the training experience of burgeoning professionals. All services offered in our clinic, are provided by advanced counseling students who have progressed into the clinical rotation of their training program. The services in our clinic are supervised by doctoral level faculty who possess years of experience working in the mental health field promoting wellness, encouraging diversity and social justice, and crisis intervention. The services you receive in our clinic are caring, responsive, collaborative, and affordable. Our providers are committed to offering high quality, compassionate, and effective services that are tailored to your individual needs. We invite you contact us with any inquiries and look forward to welcoming you into our services.

Sean B. Hall Ph.D
Clinic Director
Counselor Education Program
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Call 205.996.2414 to schedule an appointment.

Fees are $5 per individual session and must be paid at time of service.