Graduate Degrees in Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education) include:

Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification

NEW Online Physical Education Courses and Degrees
UAB now offers all required physical education teacher certification 600 level courses online for our graduate degrees.  Several elective courses are also offered online. This change allows students the opportunity to design a Master’s Degree (Class A teacher certification) or Ed.S. (Class AA teacher certification) degree at least 80% online.

MA in Physical Education with Class A Certification

Teachers with a Class B certification in Physical Education obtain Class A certification in Physical Education by pursuing a traditional master’s degree program.

MA in Physical Education with Alternative Class A Certification

Prospective teachers who have finished an undergraduate degree program, have obtained a passing score on the Praxis II Physical Education P-12 exam and have passed the AECTP exam can seek admission to the alternative master’s program (AMP) and obtain Alternative Class A certification in Physical Education.

EdS in Physical Education with Class AA Certification

Teachers with Class A certification in Physical Education can pursue Class AA Teacher certification by pursuing the EdS program.

Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education) Graduate Program Brochure

Fitness Leadership, Exercise Science, and Exercise Physiology

Fitness Leadership, Exercise Science, and Exercise Physiology

M.A.Ed. in Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology specialization offers a master's degree option for students interested in either clinical exercise physiology or physiology research. The curriculum is multidisciplinary and comprises courses in the Schools of Education, Medicine, Health Related Professions, and Public Health. Two program plans are offered. Plan I culminates with a thesis research project, and Plan II culminates with a written comprehensive exam. Resources for student participation in research include a Muscle Research Laboratory, a Strength Performance Laboratory, and a Body Composition/Energy Metabolism Laboratory. Wide arrays of field experiences are also available in local agencies and clinics. In addition to Graduate School admission requirements, prospective students must have completed undergraduate coursework in physiology, anatomy, and chemistry. First-year students begin in the fall term.

Comprehensive Exam Guidelines and Registration Form