General Internship Placements

  • Internship placements are secured months prior to the target internship date.  For example, fall internships are secured before April and spring internships are secured before October (i.e., the semester prior to the internship start date).  Interns are notified of their placements by August for fall interns and December for spring interns (i.e., to allow for last minute alterations made by the schools).
  • Student teachers are not permitted to arrange or influence their internship placement by contacting administrators, principals, or teachers.  Placements are arranged solely through the School of Education.
  • To meet Alabama State Department of Education standards, the grade level placement for the internship should be based on prior grade level field experiences (e.g., if most field hours were completed within lower grades of a certification program, it is desirable that the internship placement be in an upper grade level).  Data from the Field Evaluation Tracking Survey is used to determine student teaching placements based on prior field experience placements, to include exposure to diverse educational settings.
  • Placement sites are selected based on the availability of qualified teachers, availability of grade levels, and the willingness of the school administrators and staff to host student teachers.  All placements are within 50 miles of UAB.

  • Placements are based on state guidelines and school availability and depend upon administrative selection.  Therefore, no assurance can be made that placement will be in the desired grade level.

  • Secondary student teachers will not be placed at the high school they graduated from for a minimum of 10 years after they have graduated (i.e., after a ten year grace period).

  • Student teachers are not placed in schools where they have relatives employed or children attending.

  • Student teachers with any extenuating circumstances about their placement site must contact the Office of Clinical Experiences when the Student Teaching Application is turned in or as soon as possible.  The Office of Clinical Experiences must be notified before placements are secured for the semester.

  • Address and name changes must be submitted to the Office of Clinical Experiences as soon as possible.  After placements have been secured, address changes will not be used to make or adjust placements.