Courtesy Placements for Non-UAB Students

Please click on the following link to access the most updated information and necessary form(s) to be considered for a courtesy placement as a Non-UAB student - Request for Courtesy Placement for NON-UAB Students

The Non-UAB Student Agrees to:

  • Contact the Office of Clinical Experiences to notify UAB of the intent to request a courtesy placement as a Non-UAB student teacher - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Submit a student teaching application to the Office of Clinical Experiences by January 30 for a fall courtesy placement; September 30 for a spring courtesy placement.
  • Provide the Office of Clinical Experiences with two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty members within the student’s teaching program.
  • Provide the Office of Clinical Experiences with one (1) letter of good academic standing from his/her university.
  • Seek UAB departmental approval from the Department Chair of the student's respective program at UAB by completing the "Non-UAB Student Department Approval for Courtesy Placement Form."  The Department Chair will then submit the completed form to the Office of Clinical Experiences.
  • Provide the Office of Clinical Experiences (EB 213) with evidence of a cleared criminal history background check and a copy of all three AECTP and all required Praxis II test results.  NOTE: Failure to provide evidence of the aforementioned will result in the cancellation of the courtesy placement.
  • Provide the Director of Student Teaching with evidence of successful completion of American Red Cross or American Heart Association training in “Adult, Child, and Infant” CPR and First Aid training no later than October 13 for fall interns and March 2 for spring interns.  Training must be valid through the end of the internship and can only be completed at the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.
  • Pay for any fees associated with the courtesy placement supervision, including mileage for the UAB supervisor and a $550 supervision fee.  All fees must be paid directly to the UAB supervisor before the internship start date.
  • Register for the internship course through the Non-UAB student’s original university/college.
  • Abide by all UAB student teaching expectations and requirements (e.g., length of internship). Should the Non-UAB student fail to abide by all UAB student teaching expectations and requirements, he/she will be immediately pulled from the internship placement. 

 Important Information:

  • The UAB School of Education is not responsible for any of the Non-UAB student teacher’s graduation and/or program requirements at his/her original university.
  • Student teachers are not permitted to arrange or influence their internship placement by contacting administrators, principals, or teachers.  Placements are arranged solely through the Office of Clinical Experiences within a 50 mile radius of UAB.
  • Student teachers are clustered by zip code with a minimum of 3-4 students per school.  Placement sites are selected based on the reasonable convenience for all the students in the cluster, availability of qualified teachers, availability of grade levels, and the willingness of the school administrators and staff to host student teachers.
  • Secondary student teachers will not be placed at the high school they graduated from for a minimum of 10 years after they have graduated (i.e., after a ten year grace period).
  • Student teachers are not placed in schools where they have relatives employed or children attending.