Forms and Handouts

Throughout the internship experience student teachers, cooperating teachers, and UAB Supervisors will be required to rely on various forms and handouts. 

At the end of the internship UAB will send one or more online surveys that must be completed and submitted in order for the intern to receive a final grade.  Please note that the UAB email address is the official form of communication for all student teachers.

Pre-Student Teaching Forms/Handouts:

Acknowledgement of Certification Area & Teaching Schedule (for interns hired as FT teachers within their field of certification)

Acknowledgement of Certification Area & Teaching Schedule - Special Education Programs (for interns hired as FT special education teachers)
Acknowledgement of Student Teaching Handbook
Certification Application Acknowledgement form
Confidentiality Agreement
General Student Teaching Requirements

Cooperating Teacher’s Checklist for Turning in Paperwork
EMT's Checklist for Turning in Paperwork
Supervisor’s Checklist for Turning in Paperwork

Dispositional Forms:
Field Evaluation - Assessment of Professional Dispositions form
Assessment of Unsatisfactory Professional Dispositions form

General Forms/Handouts:
Observational Skills Guidelines
Student Teaching Pacing Guide - One Placement
Student Teaching Pacing Guide - Two Placements
Student Teacher Sign-In/Sign-Out Log

Lesson Plan Forms/Handouts:
Formal Lesson Plan Format
Formal Lesson Plan Format Template
Formal Lesson Plan Sample
Informal Lesson Plan Template

Observation & Evaluation Forms/Handouts:

Reflective Student Teacher Observation Form
Student Teacher Observation Form

Teaching Competency Evaluation (Midterm)
Teaching Competency Evaluation (Final)
Teaching Competency Evaluation Rubric Guide

Handouts for Early Childhood/Elementary Education Interns

ECE/ELE Internship Portfolio Requirements

ECE/ELE Portfolio Task Due Dates
Diversity Intervention Plan Rubric
Diversity Intervention Planning Form
Diversity Intervention Summary Form
Unit Plan Rubric
Impact on Student Learning Project Rubric
Technology Integration Plan Rubric
Professional Learning Plan Rubric

Miscue Analysis

Developmental Stages of Writing