Clinically Trained Teacher (CTT) Program

The Clinically Trained Teacher Program currently only includes elementary education student teachers and elementary placement locations. 

Program Highlights:

  • Students are selected by the Director of Student Teaching and program faculty.
  • The 15 week internship is divided into two 7.5 week segments – students are paired with two cooperating teachers during their internship (i.e., one at a lower grade level and another at an upper grade level).  Note: Whenever possible, the intern will remain at the same school.
  • Master cooperating teachers apply and are selected, trained, and grouped into CTT teams at their school prior to the internship start date.
  • Five of the six internship seminars are organized, led, and conducted by the team of cooperating teachers at the internship placement site.
  • The CTT team of cooperating teachers at each placement site is responsible for the internship supervision.  A university liaison visits each CTT team at least once per month to monitor the intern’s progress and provide any necessary guidance/assistance.
  • CTT interns are placed based on the team of teachers selected for the CTT program, the placement school’s commitment to the program, and the relative proximity of the placement location to the group of CTT interns selected.

Student Selection Criteria:

  • Meaningful responses to application questions and professional quality of lesson plan(s) submitted
  • Successful field experiences in all methods courses, as evidenced by documentation gathered by the instructor, supervising teacher, and/or placement site supervisor (including faculty recommendations)
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher in TEP courses; Graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Minimum Praxis II test score of 150 for the Elementary Education Content Knowledge test
  • No prior Unsatisfactory Assessment of Professional Dispositions forms
  • Children’s Creative Learning Center (CCLC) Clinical Experience Program participants will be automatically eligible to participate in the CTT program (notify the Director of Student Teaching at:

Student Application Process:

       10/17/14 for spring 2015 applicants

  • Submit application to the Office of Clinical Experiences (EB 232) or
  • Slots for the CTT program are very limited
  • Applicants cannot apply to both the CTT and EMT programs simultaneously
  • Acceptance into the CTT program is contingent upon all student teaching eligibility requirements being met

CTT Qualifications and Application Process for Cooperating Teachers:

  • Minimum of three years teaching experience, master’s degree or Nationally Board Certified Teacher status, two prior experiences successfully mentoring pre-service teachers or beginning teachers, and current AL certification in the intern’s field of certification
  • Completed CTT Program application packet, including one administrator recommendation
  • Successful completion of a three hour UAB training
  • After initial training, CTTs will attend a meeting/workshop for program updates and feedback during subsequent semesters of participation; former CTTs will also be encouraged to assist with future trainings and workshops