Expert Mentor Teacher (EMT) Program

About the EMT Program

Program Information:

One of the most influential factors in a teacher candidates’ preparation is internship (Lemma, 1993; Wilson, 2006). The Expert Mentor Teacher (EMT) program is an alternative model for teacher candidate internship for both traditional and nontraditional students in their capstone term. The School of Education faculty in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction attempt to have candidates placed with the most effective teachers for internship. The Expert Mentor Teacher Program includes an extensive process of application that originated with master teachers in the community contributing to the design of the program tenets.

Originally, the program was under the umbrella of in-house Bell-South funding. Once the funding exhausted, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction maintained the program. The teacher candidates involved now apply to be placed with master teachers that have been identified by administrators in schools systems, the faculty at UAB School of Education, and often by people in the community. Many of the master teachers are Nationally Board Certified, have advanced degrees, and are recognized as teachers of the year in schools, systems, and the state. For our teacher candidates to have opportunities to learn about teaching early childhood and elementary learners in apprenticeship from the most effective and innovative teachers in the area is an advantage. Once the participants in the program graduate, most are placed in school positions. After 15 years of program existence, many of the graduates from the School of Education serve as mentor teachers for teacher candidates.

Expert Mentor Teacher as Role Model

The UAB Expert Mentor Teacher (EMT) is selected by the directors of the program to act as both a cooperating teacher and supervisor.  The EMT serves as a role model who exhibits professionalism for UAB pre-service teachers by:

  • Demonstrating effective classroom teaching
  • Developing positive relationships with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents, and the community, and
  • Engaging in opportunities for professional development

Expert Mentor Teacher as Advocate

The Expert Mentor Teacher introduces and assists UAB pre-service teacher to become oriented to the students, the facilities, faculty, and staff at the school.  Also, the EMT reviews and explains the curriculum and how it relates to the Alabama State Course of Study, National Standards, the system curriculum and other related materials with the pre-service teacher.  The EMT initiates discussions about professional organizations, conferences, seminars, in-service, and professional publications.  Moreover, the EMT serves as a point person to assist the pre-service teacher identify resources and materials for planning, facilitating and reflecting upon instruction.  The EMT provides opportunities for the UAB pre-service teacher to learn varied approaches for classroom management, teaching to meet the multiple intelligences and learning style preferences of the students, as well as handle routines, paperwork, and communication with administration, parents, and students.

Expert Mentor Teacher as Observer

The EMT assists to nurture the development of the UAB pre-service teacher through formal and informal observation and providing verbal and written constructive feedback, which builds upon strengths and identifies areas needing improvement, and collaboratively sets goals for improvement.

Expert Mentor Teacher as Coach

The EMT employs strategies to assist the pre-service teacher build his/her self confidence, develop positive work habits and ethics, and is an active listener for the novice to openly discuss feelings of failure, the shortcomings, triumphs, and challenges of teaching.

Expert Mentor Teacher as Liaison

The EMT collaborates with UAB School of Education faculty and staff to ensure a positive clinical experience for the UAB pre-service teacher.

Expert Mentor Teacher as Time Manager

The EMT, as UAB adjunct faculty, regularly dedicates blocks of time to plan for short term and long range instruction, conference about progress in teaching, and assist in providing professional development for the UAB pre-service teacher.

Application Process

Application Process:

  • Fill out a student teaching application prior to submitting an EMT application
  • Complete and submit the EMT Program application by the deadline.   03/10/14 is the deadline for spring 2014 applicants.
  • Apply for the EMT Program
  • Attach an unofficial transcript to the application
  • Submit the application to Dr. Lois Christensen (EB 019; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • Acceptance into the EMT Program is contingent upon meeting all student teaching eligibility requirements
  • Applicants cannot apply to both the CTT and EMT programs simultaneously