Criteria for Remaining in Good Standing

The following requirements and conditions are to be met by all EMSAP students in order to remain in good standing for maintaining their acceptance into the UAB School of Medicine (SOM):

1. Maintain an overall 3.60 GPA and a 3.50 GPA in math and science courses. If the GPA drops below 3.60 overall or 3.50 in Math/Science, student will be placed on probation and have one year to raise the GPA to minimums. Student can only be on probation once. All EMSAP students must have Professor Pence's signature before registering each term. EMSAP students will be discouraged from taking for credit courses such as Outdoor Adventure, Weight Training, etc.

2.  Successfully complete required undergraduate course work for admission to SOM.

3. Complete at least two EMSAP seminars before entering SOM.

4.  Graduate with an undergraduate degree from UAB prior to entering SOM.

5. Must live in a dorm the first two years in EMSAP.

6. Maintain an active cell phone number so that the student can be quickly contacted and notified of events, campus opportunities and program announcements for EMSAP students.

7. Attend EMSAP meetings.

8. Stay in contact with the EMSAP Director and each quarter file a one page, one paragraph report regarding your campus activities, medically-related experiences and volunteer experiences for the past quarter.

9. Develop a profile of medical and volunteer experiences consistent with that of premedical students accepted to SOM. This includes: Shadow physicians to learn about the Patient-Physician relationship and gain familiarity with the modern medical system in both outpatient and hospital settings.Volunteer in service organizations benefiting other people, especially those serving under-served populations.

10.Maintain high standards of moral character. EMSAP students are expected not to lie, steal, cheat, plagiarize, commit fraud or commit felonies. Violations of these standards will subject a student to dismissal from the program, and will be determined by the sole judgment of a committee consisting of the EMSAP Director, the Director of Enrollment Management and the Dean for Admissions of the SOM.

11.Demonstrate personal and emotional maturity and have life experiences consistent with that of premedical students accepted to SOM.

12. Participate in individual EMSAP Reviews with the EMSAP Advisory Committee as scheduled by the Advisory Committee.

13. Take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) prior to matriculating to the UASOM and score a minimum of 28 on the most recent exam.  The September MCAT exam dates prior to entering medical school are the last MCAT exam dates considered for admission to medical school.
14. Complete four years of undergraduate experience prior to matriculating to UAB School of Medicine. EMSAP students wishing to matriculate prior to completing four years of undergraduate experience must apply through the Regular Admissions process and will be subject to requirements for Regular Admissions.  If unsuccessful in gaining admission at this time, the applicant will not be eligible for guaranteed admission through EMSAP in a subsequent year.

15. Complete and submit the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application no later November 1st of the application year and subsequently complete and submit a SOM secondary application no later than November 15.

In general, admission to EMSAP should not be viewed as an entitlement to SOM admission but as an opportunity to demonstrate superior academic abilities and exceptional non-academic attributes. EMSAP students should have accomplishments in these areas exceeding or at least comparable to what is expected of other premedical students who seek admission to medical school. EMSAP students judged by the School of Medicine Admissions Committee to have notable deficiencies in any of these areas may be dismissed from the EMSAP program and not be admitted through EMSAP.