EMSAP Program Highlights

While classroom success is crucial, it's important that EMSAP students develop skills for independent thought and expression, emotional maturity, and sound moral judgment. One way to reach that goal is to get involved with activities available through UAB and EMSAP.  At UAB more than 200 campus organizations offer opportunities for leadership, volunteer work, cultural diversity, and other exciting new experiences. 

Special Seminars

Open only to EMSAP students, annual seminars focus on themes such as medical ethics, the history of medicine, reproductive biology, and literature and medicine. You must take a minimum of two EMSAP seminars before entering medical school.

Clinical Experience
As a world-class medical center, UAB offers countless opportunities to become involved with research and patient care.  This may include shadowing physicians in UAB clinics and hospitals, working in research laboratories, or participating in clinical and health services research.

Volunteer Service
Volunteering service to others is an important part of preparing yourself for a health care career. As a part of EMSAP, you are expected to volunteer either in a medical setting or through social services such as UAB Hospice, the Crisis Center, or Bread and Roses shelter for women

EMSAP Graduating Seniors, April 2011 EMSAP Sophomores, April 2011 Pony Express Run, October 2011