Curriculum Overview

Our objective in the curriculum we offer is to help people accomplish one (or all) of the following goals:

a) learn to manage technical projects
b) align the technical projects and divisions to the mission of the organization as a whole
c) start technology ventures.

 Unless otherwise noted, all courses are for 3 semester hours of credit.

Fall 1

Spring 1


Fall 2

Spring 2

IEM 601

IEM 602

IEM 612

IEM 603

IEM 646

IEM 610

IEM 611

IEM 631

IEM 625

IEM 695

IEM 620

IEM 630

  IEM 645


IEM 601 Introduction to IEM


This course is an introduction to Information Engineering and Management with a focus on readiness for graduate study.  Program requirements and expectations will be presented.  Software and collaboration tools will be introduced.  Library access and resources will be reviewed and teams will perform learning exercises to demonstrate proficiency with the available tools.  (1 hour)  Taught Fall.

IEM 610 Communication for Technology Professionals

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This course focuses on recognizing, developing, and putting into practice effective communication skills.  Lectures provide insights into presentation structure, style, and content.  Self-evaluation exercises combined with personal coaching will help clients improve their professional speaking and presentation skills.  Taught Fall.

IEM 620 Technical Entrepreneurship

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This course is an introduction to entrepreneurship that begins with the development of personal insights and work habits that are fundamental to success within any organization.  Taught Fall.