Our objective in the curriculum we offer is to help people accomplish one (or all) of the following goals:

a) learn to manage technical projects
b) align the technical projects and divisions to the mission of the organization as a whole
c) start technology ventures.

 Unless otherwise noted, all courses are for 3 semester hours of credit.

Fall 1

Spring 1


Fall 2

Spring 2

IEM 601
Introduction to IEM (1 hour)

IEM 602
Leading Collaborative Teams (1 hour)

  IEM 603
Communication for Technology Executives (1 hour)
IEM 610
Communication for Technology Professionals
IEM 611
Leading Technology Organizations
IEM 612
Project Leadership
IEM 625
Technology and Innovation
IEM 646
Strategic Planning

IEM 620
Technical Entrepreneurship

IEM 630
Systems Engineering
IEM 631
Operational Decision Making
IEM 645
Financial Concepts for Entrepreneurs

IEM 695
IEM Design Project