February 2010 - Alumni Spotlight - Jeremiah Goodson

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the February 2010 IEM Newsletter.

February's featured IEM alumnus is Jeremiah Goodson. Jeremiah is a Systems Engineer with Energen Corporation / Alagasco. He joined the company while working on a BS in Computer Science and has worked in various capacities for the past 17 years. He works in the Microsoft platforms, concentrating on System Management.

Jeremiah was drawn to the IEM program because of the IT / Business Management aspects it offered. The program didn't so much get him out of his comfort zone as help him expand it. Building presentations and speaking in front of others provided one of the programs' greatest lessons. Additional benefits have been in the areas of Project Management and Employee Relations. Although apprehensive of the Entrepreneur aspects of the program, Jeremiah found many lessons about selling ideas and showing the ROI of ones self and projects to be beneficial.

Completing his MS in the IEM program provided a significant milestone in Jeremiah's life this year and coincided with serving as President of the Energen Leadership Association.

Jeremiah's life is rounded out by his wife of 21 years, Jeanne and his children Jase and Jenna.

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