June 2009 - Alumni Spotlight - Janki Peri

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the June 2009 IEM Newsletter.

June’s featured IEM alumna is Janki "Jani" Peri, Project Manager with XcitekSolutionsPlus. Jani’s responsibilities include: management of an off-shore development team, architecture and design for a Swift Custodian Interface, and software development lifecycle management. Prior her current role at XSP, Jani was a Senior Software Engineer. In total Jani has over eleven years of total software development and full lifecycle experience.

Jani received a BS of Commerce from Osmania University in 1989 and a BS of Law from Nagarjuna University in 1993. Several years later after the encouragement of her mentor and Chief Technology Officer, Dan Rezter (also an IEM alumni), she entered the IEM program. Jani is one of the most recent alumni of IEM program, graduating in May of this year.

Q&A with Jani

Question: What was the greatest value that you received from the program?

Answer: I learned a lot from the IEM program. The program gave me the confidence to speak publicly, network with a whole group of people and challenge myself to work hard. Today, after the completion of the program, I feel confident that this will lead me to other opportunities in my career.

Question: What was your favorite class and why?

Answer: Project Management was a class that I enjoyed a lot. It taught me the various facets of project management and gave me a 360-degree view of this process. This was a hands-on experience since everything that I learned in the class was directly applicable to what I did at work.

Question: What did you get from the program that you didn’t expect?

Answer: I expected to learn a lot of academic knowledge, but I did not expect any real-world experiences in the classroom. We had several visits by senior-level management from various companies who shared their experience in leadership. They also shared their unique perspective on what qualities a good leader should have.

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