September 2010 - Alumni Spotlight - Ralph Jordan

Ralph_JordanThis alumni spotlight was originally shown in the September 2010 IEM Newsletter.

September's featured IEM alumni is Ralph Jordan. Ralph is currently a Capacity Engineer in Network Planning and Engineering for ATT Corp. His duties include managing projects to provision interconnections between network equipment; coordination between departments; serving on performance improvement teams; and ensuring network survivability. Prior to joining ATT, Ralph was a director in hospital information services for Charity Hospital in New Orleans supervising a crew responsible for Year 2000 rollover projects. Previously, he worked on full lifecycle software development projects for USDA and even enjoyed a short stint as a pilot in the Air Force.

Ralph received a BS in Computer Science from Loyola University in New Orleans back in 1984. After relocating to Birmingham, he began looking for a way increase his business skills but wasn't happy with a MBA. When a co-worker mentioned she was attending an information session for the IEM Masters Degree, he tagged along and was instantly fascinated. He joined the program in the Fall of 2008 and graduated in 2010.

"I didn’t want to just have a degree that strictly applied to academia. I wanted something that lived and breathed the real world. Be careful of what you ask for because that is exactly what the IEM program delivered. I received the business skills I was looking to add to my technical background and also so much more. I’ve had my eyes opened to how business really works – especially the entrepreneurial underpinnings of it all. I went in looking for skills and exited with a huge network of friends and am excited about life! I discovered an interest in entrepreneurship, speaking, and education, which I’m developing into a product." Ralph continues to be active in the IEM alumni helping with alumni continued education.

Ralph and his wife, Elizabeth, just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and live near Oak Mountain with their 3 children. He enjoys sailing, reading, and losing computer games to his teens. He is passionate about his faith and active in the Knights of Columbus, a men’s service and charitable organization.

Connect with Ralph via LinkedIn.