Alumni Spotlight: Suman Silwal

suman-silwalApril’s IEM Alumni Spotlight is Suman Silwal, IEM class of 2010.

Suman is a Systems Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama and the founder of a popular video blog on marathon running, He is an experienced web application developer and since enrolling in IEM has taken on new roles leading development projects at BCBS.

Suman is a life-long learner which led him to enroll in the IEM program in 2008.  He joined IEM to continue his passion for learning and personal development.  He has said of IEM, “The classes were great. Some of the items we talked about in class were actually going on in the real world for me. I enjoyed working on projects with groups that had different mindsets and groups of classmates from different organizations in town. I enjoyed the challenges it provided me.”  Along with learning, he has a strong passion for teaching and coaching others.  He has taught many online courses on computer programming, is a running coach, and also serves as a life coach to those close to him.

Suman is an accomplished marathon runner.   He recently completed his 12th marathon in Georgia and will run his 13th marathon on May 1st in Cincinnati.  He has run marathons in cities all over the world including Tokyo in 2011, Chicago in 2010, and Toronto and New York in 2009.  He began running in 2008 around the time that he started the IEM program, and has logged close to 4,000 miles in the past 3 years.

He has turned his passion into a business venture with his video blog,  Suman blogs about his own running experiences and also interviews other runners, many times interviewing them during the race.  Suman attributes his IEM experience with helping him turn his life’s passions into entrepreneurial opportunities; his senior project in IEM focused on building the website.  “If you ever want to go to school where your school projects become a real-life projects, IEM is the program to consider.”

When he is not working or running, Suman enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, ages 3 and 8.  His older daughter has picked up on his passion for running and they now run together.  He has a love of traveling and one day would like to be working and running all over the world.

Suman’s message to those considering IEM, “IEM is a life changing experience, the program doesn’t stop when you walk out the door, it continues for life.”