Your Working Legacy

So often people in miserable jobs use their kids as an excuse not to make a move. After complaining about their job, their boss, the company, the endless meetings which produce no results, and their lack of filling meaningful at work – I suggest they find something else to do!

Many times they explain to me that they have children to support – as if I was telling them to quit their job and go home and become a bum. But I have started asking them “do you want your children to go to college, get a job they hate, and feel stressed out and meaningless?” Their answer is ALWAYS “of course not!”

But the truth is – this is very likely what your kids will do – after all  – it is what you have taught them!

What are you teaching yours?

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8 Steps to the Perfect Title!

It’s all in the title.  That’s what determines whether someone will start reading your latest article or flipping through your recently published book.  I no longer have any doubts about this.

I’ve become so intrigued by this fact that I now look forward to receiving professional journals and magazines in the mail just so I can study the titles!

There’s clearly a science behind titling everything.  Understand it and you can then easily replicate it.


Speaking Engagements With Dale Callahan

DCallahan_2Meet Dale Callahan

Dr. Dale Callahan, PE has been an engineer for over 20 years, but the thing he is most passionate about is helping people reach success on their own terms. Dale has worked as an electrical engineer in corporate America, authored multiple books on entrepreneurship, taught at the graduate level for a major university, and in 2000 Dale started the Information Engineering & Management Masters Degree program at UAB, which has grown to be a world-renowned resource for anyone seeking to further their career. IEM began as a place to provide individuals the tools they needed to reach the success level that mattered to them. Under Dale's direction, it became a hot spot for providing solid career success. From creating start-up companies, to starting a new career, or advancing in your current position, the principles Dale Callahan brings to the table combines business savvy, industry experience, and the everyman’s street smarts, to transform not just your view of Mondays, but your entire career focus. You CAN be successful at a job you love—just ask Dale Callahan.

Learn to be successful in any career by learning to think like an entrepreneur.

Pearson & Google Take Over Blackboard

Google_PlusMuch like Facebook, at Google, the improvements just keep coming. Fresh off the block with Google +, Google is moving into taking the education world by storm.


How to Prepare for a Successful Career

Screen_shot_2012-09-11_at_12.54.32_PMTwelve years of school. This is where most of us really start our careers and prepare to enter the job market.

In theory, twelve years of basic education prepares us for our career or entrepreneurial ventures – but in most instances all it does is prepare us for college – or yet another four plus years of education geared at career preparation.

In both K-12 and college (or other type of advanced education) we are told how the world works and how we are to work in the world to succeed. The end goal of it all – minus the broadened education to survive in society – is a job. Ok, sometimes we call it a career, a business, or even an entrepreneurial endeavor, but let's be clear – they (the teachers and those who in their infinite wisdom counsel you whether you ask for it or not) always talk in terms of getting a job and going to work.


What Do You Need to Know to Get Ahead?

That’s the magic question, isn’t it?  Of course, it assumes you have to know something to get ahead.  That’s a reasonable assumption, but surely you have those moments as I do where you shake your head and wonder “how did this guy become a billionaire?”  But let’s shelve that discussion and be real worldish for a few paragraphs more.

What do you need to know?