Career Goals: The Window Seat

What is your career goal? Lately I have been reflecting and reading about this question – and how people answer it.

Several things I have read and listened to have been written by people who have ideas and have shared them with others via various forms of communication. Not just a Facebook posts – but something more bold – taking part in the larger conversation – making a statement. These “bold” people – who we call authors – are all businessmen and women – out selling what they have to offer the world. Some I like, some I do not, and some are just plain crazy. Yet, they are the voices that set the trends and steer the conversations – if only for a moment in time.


Is It Time To Quit Your Day Job?

Recently, Get Rich Slowly posted this article about deciding when to quit your day job. (Click to read it in full)

In the article Sierra Black writes a lot of good thoughts, but based on the feedback the article gets, the article leaves many people asking the question “what if I don’t have a plan B?” It is a fun thing to head off into the sunset and think you might actually reach your dream. Yet, when reality hits home you find the fear thinking you may be living without an income! This is the fear Pamela Slim calls the fear of  ”living in a van down by the river” in her book Escape from Cubicle Nation. Pamela’s book is the ONLY on I know that deals head on with the fear in a realistic way.


Delegating for Success

Do you delegate well?

Or do you instead decide, “I will just do it myself.”

Many of you probably think, “I have no one to delegate to!”

Over the past few years I have delegated MASSIVE amounts of work  -  even work that is typically MINE to do. I have found that delegation gets me better results than if I am just doing the work myself. But —- I had to learn to delegate.


Modern Slavery in America

Modern SlaveryWe often reflect on the slavery issue our country has struggled to get past. We have books, movies, and even days to remember the struggles. But, as I look around and meet with people I see new forms of slavery in the most prosperous country in the world.

  1. Debt – The debt crisis has overtaken us – and many have become totally enslaved to serving their debt. Their solution to get out is often a more creative slavery relationship through refinancing or “debt-consolidation.” While I do not consider myself to be a financial counselor – I have had to dive into this area of slavery many times. Debt causes people to give up on their dreams since they can never break free from what is holding them back.
  2. Corporate America – No… I am not bashing the corporate machine in this country. But lets face it – the Dilbert syndrome has crushed many of our desires and forced many of us into another slavery trap. We now worry about what changes are going to take place in our companies in the coming months – worrying what benefits we may loose, what jobs may go away. Like refinancing deals – we sometimes find a glimmer of hope by changing employers – at least until the reality of the new slave relationship we have just gotten into hits home.
  3. Entitlements – Our government (which is “we the people”) in our goodness to take care of our own, have in fact created slaves. I meet with people every week who have the mindset that getting free money from the government – from food stamps to free housing or free tuition – is the way to live. Yet, they are stuck. Again – one law change crushes them – or gives them hope.


Being an Entrepreneur within a Large Company

emailIconI received an email recently from a client who had been going and doing some reverse interviews. They were getting in touch to let me know how the process was going, what they were learning, and they asked a few questions. One particular question stuck out in my mind, though, and I wanted to share it here.

What are your thoughts on being an entrepreneur within a large organization?  I have been thinking a lot about that recently and I think there is a need for that type of person too.

As I read this question, I felt they were 100% on target with this idea. In fact, my upcoming book Company of One is centered on this very topic. You see, in my view EVERYONE is an entrepreneur! We all have just forgotten this due to the way our culture thinks about JOBS. But we all make money in return for services provided. The only difference between us and the entrepreneur we typically think of is that we have decided we will take only one job with one customer. (Note – the fact that we have decided is critical!)


Confronting Myths with Reality, Starting Your Own Business

Do you want to start your own business? Have you been thinking about it for years?

First – let’s look at some common myths!
Myth: It takes $100,000 to start a business in the US.
Reality: I am not sure why, but this $100,000 I keep hearing over an over. Fact is, most US  companies start for a LOT less. In fact, according to a CNN article the average cost is about $10,000. And I would agree! But, this means some have started for a lot less.


Live Your Dream

What? Turn DOWN $100,000 a day?? Who would do that?Tim Taylor inside a shuttle Well, Tim Taylor, that’s who. Now before you think I’m crazy–or that he is–let me explain. When I think of guys who do exactly what they want to be doing for a living, and they do it every day, Tim comes to the top of my list of people. Because he really does his dream job, every day. Earlier this week I had lunch with Tim and he shared with me some his ideas on what it means to pursue your passion, and just where the money-factor needs to placed on your list of priorities. Tim told me that when he was asked to go back to NASA – he knew what that life was like. Moving, and working all day on a base. He knew he did not want it. Yet – space was in his blood. He even wrote a book on entrepreneurship that had a shuttle on the launchpad on the front cover and the book was named “Launch Fever” Everyone knew what he loved.