4 Delusions of Entrepreneurs

This is a re-post of Jonathan Fields Blogpost. Here Jonathan helps to dispel many of the common misconceptions about going it alone. I personally and STILL a proponent of OWNING something as an entrepreneur – but so many of the reasons we have to go it alone are false hopes!

The 4 Delusions of Entrepreneurs
By Jonathan Fields

Ask an aspiring entrepreneur why they’d kill to make the jump and, without fail, four of the top 5 reasons will be:

  • Freedom
  • Control
  • Money
  • Passion


Networking, Part 2

My last post was on Networking for Introverts – and I referred you back to the FIRST technique that EVEN INTROVERTS can do. The Reverse Interview. In addition the the post – here are the videos that discuss the reverse interview. UAB interview, The first video I did on the subject (well, the first worth watching)

Trust me – these REALLY work. I continue to hear from people who have tried it – so why don’t you?

Second Method – Be a Hero

Another method to network is by using organizations. Yes, I know – this is exactly what you have done before – and you end up meeting another person looking for a job just like you – and that is all! going to professional organization meetings is what they told you to do in school – and you HATE doing this. I get it!!!


You Are Being Watched

Being_watchedYou are always being watched. Think about someone being on the news after being caught on video doing something illegal, unethical, or just plain embarrassing by a fellow citizen with a video camera. How would you feel if you were being recorded and what you said and did was shown to the world?

Well, like it or not, the same type of judgments are being made about you all the time. People are watching you now and they always have been. We all form opinions of others, it's normal. We tend to form immediate judgments. A book is judged by its cover!

The classroom provides a very interesting look at this behavior. I find it interesting that people will behave unprofessionally in the classroom and expect you to think they will operate like professionals in the 'real world.'

I have seen this play out many times in undergraduate engineering courses. The character a student displays in the classroom will carry forward and follow them. Their classmates and faculty have made a judgment of them and, without some powerful change of heart, that judgment will stick. Past students often ask me to be an employer reference for them, not realizing what they're asking for.

Remember, everything you say and do brands you! If you do not want your actions, words, and images played on the news tonight, do not offer them up to be replayed and repeated in the mind of someone who observes you during the day.

Originally published on DaleCallahan.com. View the original post here.

Don't Forget That Your People Are People

work_lifeAs a leader, remember to consider that your employees have a life outside of work. You may have chosen your current position because you are just crazy about the job and would work at it for free if you could. That’s fantastic, but not everyone on your team is in that same boat. So when things come up: For example, if you’re working on a project and it is running up close to holidays, pay attention to your team’s family schedule when planning the best deadlines. It doesn’t mean you cater to your team’s individual schedules all the time, but it does mean that as you are making leadership decisions, you are doing so while keeping the “life-realities” of your team in mind.


The Big Questions for Entrepreneurs

Man-ThinkingThese are the questions asked by budding entrepreneurs – people caught in

- How do you deal with uncertainty of starting a business?

- How can I explore all of the "what-ifs"?

- What is the first step to take?

- What about the risk?


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No Excuses

UAB Engineering Masters Degree No Excuses AcceptedI received an email from a guy who wants a new job. Of course, I counseled him on all the things I've shared on here about the reverse interview, networking, and Three Steps to Being Employed. And yet, I still received this message:

Basically, I want to work in the engineering field (Power, control or telecommunication) with a little bit of programming. The major problem with me is, I did not go for a co-op or an intern during my time at college. Most of the jobs are looking for experience.

I would like to start with a programming field and later switch to the core engineering field. Or engineering company that do (sic) a little bit of software (programming).

For now I feel like my wish may not be fulfilled in this harsh economical times. Most of the companies that I have applied haven't replied. Others are on hire freeze. I have talked to a few recruiting firm using both email and telephone and they promised to let me know as soon as they get some openings.

Lastly, I want go back to graduate school as I work. (sic)