New Client E-mail 8/11/14

E-mail #6 – 8/11/14

·       Tuition Payment Reminder

·       Seminar Assignment Reminders

·       Seminar Reminders

·       IEM Plan of Study

·       Meet IEM Faculty Members – Chris Johnson and David George

In case you can’t locate some of the previous emails that have been sent to new clients, here is the link to all the previous e-mail correspondence as well as an IEM Checklist with important dates/deadlines: Please note that this link is not on a published site so be sure to bookmark it.

Tuition Payment Reminder


Don’t forget to pay at least 50% of your tuition bill by August 14. If you do not make this payment, you will be withdrawn from classes on August 15 and will have to re-register. You will also have to pay an additional $75 late registration payment when you enroll again.

Seminar Assignment Reminders (if you missed any of these deadlines, please complete these assignments as soon as possible)


·         Assignment #4 – Submit Questions for seminar speakers/panelists in Canvas due August 11 (see 8/4/14 email for details).

·         Assignment #3 – IEM Survey about Seminar Attendance due August 5 (see 7/25/14 email for details).

·         Assignment #2 – video is due July 31 (see 7/10/14 email for details)

·         Assignment #1 – make sure you have read the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book by August 14 (see 6/27/14 email for details).

Assignment #2 SCOPE CHANGE – Please send your 30-second video as an email attachment to (even if you have already submitted the link to YouTube or Vimeo).

Seminar Reminders


We will begin check-in at 7:30 am each morning. We will be in the UAB Business-Engineering Complex at 1150 Tenth Avenue South.

Since personal temperatures vary, we suggest you dress in layers or bring a light jacket.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. We look forward to seeing you this week.

IEM Plan of Study


Several of you have asked for a list of classes and schedule. I am attaching an unofficial plan of study for your information.

Meet IEM Faculty Members – Chris Johnson and David George


You will meet Chris in your first semester with IEM as he critiques your communication skills during the Fall semester!

David George leads the Technical Leadership course in the Spring semester and the Project Leadership course in the Summer semester.

We are excited to meet all of you this week and getting to know you! Please let us know if you have any questions!

New Client E-mail 8/4/14

E-mail #5 – 8/4/14

·         IEM Checklist

·         Seminar Agenda

·         Seminar Assignment #4

·         Seminar Assignment Reminders

·         Seminar Tips

·         Canvas

·         UAB Student ID

·         UAB Wi-Fi

·         Tuition and Fees

·         Paying for College/Financial Assistance

·         IEM Regular Class Meetings

In case you can’t locate some of the previous emails that have been sent to new clients, here is the link to all the previous e-mail correspondence: Please note that this link is not on a published site so be sure to bookmark it.

IEM Checklist


There is also a checklist at the link above that will be helpful to you at this point in time to make sure you are ready for the seminar and for Fall classes. It will be updated as new tasks/deadlines are set throughout the first semester.

Seminar Agenda


To give you an idea of what to expect in IEM 601, we’ve attached a DRAFT agenda.

We have some great speakers and fun teambuilding activities scheduled during the seminar. We will provide a copy of this agenda for you at the seminar, but thought you might want to look it over before arriving.

A few of the outstanding speakers we have lined up are:

·         Col Howard Ward, Director, LeMay Center Wargaming Institute

·         Patrick Hymel, CEO, MedSnap

·         Walter Maddox, Mayor, City of Tuscaloosa

Seminar Assignment #4


You will need to be registered for classes to be able to complete this assignment in Canvas. It is due by midnight on August 11.

Review the bios for each of the seminar speakers/panelists and post at least one question you have for each speaker in Canvas (you should have 7-10 questions total). To view the speaker bio’s you will need to login to Canvas à IEM 601 Introduction to IEM à “Assignments” à “Speaker Questions.”

Seminar Assignment Reminders (if you missed any of these deadlines, please complete these assignments as soon as possible)


Assignment #4 – Submit Questions for seminar speakers/panelists in Canvas due August 11 (see above)

Assignment #3 – IEM Survey about Seminar Attendance due August 5 (see 7/25/14 email for details).

Assignment #2 – video is due July 31 (see 7/10/14 email for details)

Assignment #1 – make sure you have read the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book by August 14 (see 6/27/14 email for details).

Seminar Tips


Dress code for the seminar is business casual.  The days are long and action-packed so we want you to be comfortable and we don’t expect coats, ties, and dresses.  Remember though that you are entering a professional program.  You are being watched and evaluated all the time, so how you dress is often the first impression you’re making.  Be aware of your appearance and the brand you are selling.

We will have breakfast items each morning and a full lunch each day, offering traditional fare and vegetarian options (caterers are listed on the agenda).  There will also be more snacks, coffee, water, and soft drinks than you can possibly consume, so we’ll be taking care of your appetite each day.

IEM will provide you with pad and paper at the seminar. We understand that everyone here is a working professional.  You may bring your technology with you but we encourage you to put it away and devote your attention to the seminar.  You are paying a lot of money and making a significant time investment so we want you to get the most out of IEM.  There are a lot of activities and interaction that will take place during the seminar so the less you can be interrupted the better.  We have scheduled breaks where you can check in with the office. 

Everyone will be assigned to a team for a group project which will be handed out on Friday afternoon, and these teams will be a mix of online and in-class clients. 



Canvas is now open for IEM 601 (seminar course) so if you log into Canvas and have registered for Fall courses, you should see this course. You will see the IEM 610 and IEM 620 courses closer to their start date.

NOTE: You won’t be able to see any courses in Canvas (even after you register) until the course officially opens. Any content that you submit in Canvas will be available the duration of the degree.

UAB OneCard (Student ID)


The UAB OneCard is your official University student ID card and is the key for enrolled students to gain admission to athletic events, access the UAB Campus Recreation Center, receive discounts on food, retail goods and services, purchase discounted software from the bookstore, purchase discounted tickets to a variety of community events and check out materials from UAB libraries. More benefits are listed here -

For those of you who are local, you can have your ID made as soon as you have enrolled in fall classes. The committee has designated some time on Friday around lunchtime for you to have your UAB OneCard made. There are 2 locations on campus to get yours:

·         Physical Security Office at the Burleson Building; 909 18th Street South, Suite 230; Birmingham, AL 35294-4370; 205.934.3708; open Monday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (should be easier to park here)

·         Residence Life Center of Blazer Hall; 920 16th Street South; Birmingham, Alabama 35233; 205.934.4300; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Thursday; 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday

If you are a current UAB employee, you should have a UAB OneCard and will not be issued a student ID card.



UAB IT introduced a faster, stronger and more secure Wi-Fi network for the campus community on July 31. The new network offers more convenience and security for campus users with BlazerIDs and will greatly streamline the Wi-Fi access for guest users. Read more about it here and make plans to connect all your devices:

IEM Tuition and Fees


If you need a breakdown of IEM tuition/fees for your employer, you can find that information on the IEM website Tuition and Fees page, but if you need something more detailed, just let us know.

Don’t forget the pre-payment deadline for Fall 2014 is August 14.  If you have not paid ½ of your balance by August 14, you will be dropped from all classes and will have to re-enroll and pay a $75 late registration fee.

Paying for College


Several of you have asked about financial assistance. Visit the UAB Financial Aid website at for more information. Personal notes to keep in mind when applying: some students have found that they have to be a full-time student when receiving financial aid and that financial aid doesn’t always cover the summer semester.

IEM Regular Class Meetings


IEM’s regular class meetings will begin September 12-13. These are the classes you will be participating in on Friday and again on Saturday during the Fall semester. Fall is a busy time at UAB so please make note of the classroom schedule below:

·         IEM 610 – Communication for Technology Professionals - TBD, BEC 116, 1 – 5 pm, CRN #57366

·         IEM 620 – Technical Entrepreneurship - Callahan, BEC 115, 8 am – 12 pm, CRN #57368

Just a reminder that when these classes begin, IEM will not be feeding you!

Here are some popular restaurants in the area:

·         Newk's: 611 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. South; Birmingham, AL 35233

·         Jim N' Nicks: 1908 11th Avenue South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         Dreamland BBQ: 1427 14th Avenue South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         Giuseppe's Cafe: 925 8th Street South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         Taziki's: 301 18th Street South; Birmingham, AL 35233

·         The Pita Stop: 1106 12th Street South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         The Fishmarket Restaurant: 612 22nd Street South; Birmingham, AL 35233

We are excited about the seminar and getting to know you! Please let us know if you have any questions!

New Client E-mail 7/25/14

E-mail #4 – 7/25/14

·       Fall Registration

·       Seminar Assignment #3

·       Seminar Assignment Reminders

·       Seminar Presentations

·       IEM Seminar Daily Theme

·       IEM Seminar After Hours

·       Parking at UAB

Fall Registration


Registration instructions have been e-mailed to all admitted clients. If you did not receive this email, please let me know ASAP and I will resend it so you can register. Please make sure that you are registered for classes by August 14.

Seminar Assignment #3


While you’re all officially online clients, we definitely encourage you to attend all three days of the seminar in person. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your new classmates and the faculty, to hear world-class speakers, to be well-fed and entertained, to complete the class during this first weekend, and most importantly to begin forging relationships that will dramatically impact your professional life.

Complete this short survey about your admission to IEM as well as your seminar attendance.

Seminar Assignment Reminders


Assignment #3 – IEM Survey is due August 5 (information above)

Assignment #2 – video is due July 31 (see 7/10/14 email for details)

Assignment #1 – make sure you have read the book by August 14 (see 6/27/14 email for details).

Seminar Presentations


We invite you to join the live stream in Canvas each day to hear some dynamic speakers. You will receive an official agenda closer to the seminar date, but make plans now to join us during these times for keynote presentations and panels (all times are CST):

·       Thursday, August 14 from 8 am – 12 noon and again from 4 -5 pm

·       Friday, August 15 from 8 am – 11 am

·       Saturday, August 16 from 8 am – 12:15 pm

IEM Seminar Daily Theme


Thursday, August 14 – Getting to Know You

Friday, August 15 – Entrepreneurship and the Power of You

Saturday, August 16 – Leadership and Working with Teams

IEM Seminar After Hours


If you can’t attend the seminar in person or just want a refresher of what happened each day, please make plans to join us for “IEM After Hours” on August 14, 15 and 16 at 7 pm CST to get a recap of the day’s events. Link to join:

Parking at UAB


If you plan to join us for classes on campus, you will find that parking can sometimes be a challenge at UAB (especially Fall semester). You have 2 options around the Business-Engineering Complex (BEC) which is located at 1150 Tenth Avenue South.

·       You can purchase a UAB student hangtag (parking permit) through UAB Transportation, for $130/academic year (commuter student permit) and billed to your student account. You must be currently registered for classes to apply. You will need the Make/Model/Tag # and tag expiration date for your vehicle. This hangtag will allow you to park in any Lot 15 space on campus. New permits are issued each Fall and are good for the academic year. Information about ordering your permit now is listed below.

·       If you do not want to purchase a UAB parking hang tag, do not park in any of the student lots or you will be ticketed (minimum of $15 for each fine). Currently, there is parking on Tenth Avenue that is not metered (although they have the posts in the ground now) and there is limited metered parking in the circle in front of the building (on a time limit so you will have to feed the meter regularly). Because our courses meet on Friday and start at 8 am, you can typically find parking on the street, but if you leave for lunch, you may not find a spot when you return. Parking is typically not a problem on Saturdays.

2014-2015 Parking Permits

Student parking permits for 2014 – 2015 school year can be pre-ordered for mail delivery now. All permits will be mailed by the end of July 2014.  Pre-ordered permits cannot be picked up in the Parking Office.

To apply for parking for the new school year clickhere.

All permits ordered before August 10 will be mailedPermits ordered August 11 or after must be picked up at the parking office located at 608 8th Street South.

We hope you are all getting excited about IEM and the seminar. Please let us know if you have any questions.


New Client E-mail 6/27/14

6/27/14 - E-mail #2

· Fall 2014 Class Dates

· Canvas

· IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #1

Fall 2014 Class Dates


Fall 2014 (official UAB semester dates - 8/25/14-12/5/14)

IEM Seminar Dates: August 14-16, 8 am - 5 pm each day

On Campus Meeting Dates

·       September 12-13

·       October 17-18

·       November 7-8

·       November 21-22



Familiarize yourself with Canvas. Canvas is the LMS (Learning Management System) that UAB uses for classes. The content for all your course assignments will be posted on Canvas, including live video feeds and recorded classes. Visit the UAB Canvas website - to take a look around. From this site, you can register for training sessions and tutorials. As soon as you have your BlazerID, you can login to the system and look around. Note: if you log in, you won’t see any courses until you register for classes and the courses are officially opened (typically the week before classes meet).

IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #1


Your first seminar assignment is to read the book “Strengths Finder 2.0” by Tom Rath and complete the assessment included with the book. Feel free to purchase the book or the Kindle version. Be prepared to bring your results to the seminar in August. One of our seminar speakers will be discussing the book and your results.

Please let us know if you have questions or would like us to address in the coming weeks.


New Client E-mail 6/12/14

6/12/14 – E-mail #1

· Meet the IEM Program Manager

· BlazerID and UAB E-mail

· International Status

· Registration/Books

· Google Groups and SM

· IEM Seminar

· IEM Recruiting Incentive

Welcome to the IEM Class of 2015! We are looking forward to getting started… expect this to be a life changing experience!

First, if you have changed your plans in any way and cannot attend this fall, please let us know ASAP. If you let us know before the seminar starts in August, we can probably defer your admission to the 2015 class. If not, you will likely have to go through the entire admission process again.

Second, you should expect to receive an e-mail from IEM at least every 2 weeks until August.

Meet the IEM Program Manager


The IEM Program Manager is going to be your biggest resource each semester so go ahead and put Maria’s name, e-mail address and phone number in your contact list now.  She can assist you with all things IEM and UAB and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Maria Whitmire, CAP-OM

IEM Program Manager


BlazerID and UAB E-mail


Once you have been admitted and your paperwork has been processed by the Graduate School, you will need to create a BlazerID. This will be critical to operating at UAB. This is an identifier that will stick with you the entire time you are at UAB (and after you leave) so you might not want to select “hotmama” as your BlazerID.  We suggest you use something that will identify you (like callahan or dalec).

When requesting your BlazerID, you can use your student number (starts with B0xxxxxx) to request the BlazerID or your social security number.  Request the BlazerID here:

You will also note that at the bottom of the BlazerID request form, the question is asked “Would you like a UAB e-mail account?”  If you plan to log in and check your UAB e-mail account regularly, then select yes.  If you don’t want another e-mail account to check, then list the e-mail address you want your UAB e-mail forwarded to in the box to the left of the question.  It is very important that you make sure your UAB e-mail is checked regularly or forwarded to another provider since ALL communication coming from UAB uses the UAB E-mail address.  You can go back and update this later if you change your mind.

International Status


If you are on any kind of International Visa (even if it’s not a student visa), please contact Stacye Fraser Thompson in the UAB ISSS Office to make sure that everything is in order for you to register and take classes at UAB and that you are taking the correct number of hours that your visa allows/requires.  You can reach Stacye by e-mail at or by phone at 205-934-8046.



Note: you must have your BlazerID before you can register so don’t delay in getting that set up.  You will be receiving details about registering for classes in a few weeks, along with a list of books/software needed for your classes.  Do not worry about registering now… IEM controls the registration for these classes so they will not fill up!  If you are an over achiever and need something to do before you receive the next e-mail correspondence, then purchase the book “Resumes Are Worthless” which was written by Dr. Dale Callahan.  You can get the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the UAB Bookstores or purchase the Kindle version.  This is required reading for one of your fall courses.

“Company of One” Blog and Podcasts


Have you listened to a Company of Onepodcast presented by IEM Director, Dale Callahan?
Dale also has a blog which you can sign up for at and receive a copy of his popular e-book on finding your calling FREE.

Here are two interviews that Dale did with some of our IEM grads and they will inspire you!

·       #18 - Don't Die in Your Cube (interview with IEM Alum Brian Rabon)

You can listen to his most recent podcasts on iTunes or visit his website for the entire list.

Google Groups and SM


Google Group – this is a group that IEM has set up just for your IEM Class –  This is a distribution list that we will use to communicate with you now and even after you have graduated from the program.  The e-mail address you listed on your IEM application was used for this group.  If you would prefer to use a different e-mail address, or list an additional e-mail address, please let Maria know so she can update your account. You can only communicate with the group using the e-mail addresses that are included in the groups.  Please note that when you do a “reply” to e-mails sent to the group that you are “replying all” so please be conscious of this since this list includes faculty as well.

If you do not have accounts on these social media groups, you probably need to start setting those up since you will be using them during your IEM experience.  Start by following and liking our social media IEM Groups:


LinkedIn IEM Group:

Facebook: IEM - Information Engineering and Management -

Twitter: @IEM_UAB -

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, start building yours today and start making connections to IEM faculty and staff.

IEM Seminar


The IEM seminar (a/k/a IEM 601) is an introduction to IEM and will set the tone for your first semester in the program.  The seminar will be held on campus in the Business-Engineering Complex (BEC) which is located at 1150 Tenth Avenue South.  The seminar begins Thursday, August 14 and ends Saturday, August 16 and will meet from 8 am-5 pm each day.  While attendance is optional, we would strongly encourage you to do everything possible to attend as much of the seminar as possible. 

IEM Recruiting Incentive


In case you haven’t heard, IEM offers a $250 recruiting incentive to IEM clients that recommend the program to new applicants that enroll and stay with the program for 2 semesters.  If an IEM Alumni recommended you to IEM, please be sure to let us know so that they receive credit for recruiting you.  And you are eligible for this incentive also so start recruiting others that you think will benefit from IEM so you can cash in too!

We plan to “walk you through” the steps you need to take to be prepared for the fall semester.  Most information you will need about classes and dates can be found on the IEM website under the client info tab at   We are in the process of setting up a website to contain all these e-mails so you shouldn’t miss anything important.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to address in the coming weeks.


New Client E-mail 7/10/14

E-mail #3 – 7/10/14

·       Registering for IEM Classes

·       Books/Software

·       Full-time vs. Part-time Status

·       IEM 601 Seminar Dates/Times

·       IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #2

·       Meet the IEM Director – Dr. Dale Callahan, PE and the IEM Director of Strategic Planning – Don Appleby

If you have changed your plans in any way and do not plan to participate in IEM Fall 2014, please let me know ASAP. If you let us know before the seminar starts in August, we can probably defer your admission to the Spring or Fall 2015 class. If not, you will likely have to go through the entire admission process again.

Registering for IEM Classes


I will be sending you instructions on registering for classes next week. The e-mail will contain a RAC (registration access code) or PIN which is required for you to be able to register each semester. Before each semester begins, I will send you an e-mail with information about the classes you need to register for and your new RAC since that number will change each semester. We control the registration and seats for our classes so don’t worry about registering for our classes as soon as registration opens for the university.



The list of required or recommended books and/or software that you need for classes will be distributed prior to the start of classes each semester (typically when you receive instructions to register for classes). Books are available at any of the UAB bookstores or you can purchase from your favorite bookseller.

Book lists can also be viewed on the UAB Barnes & Noble Bookstore website at by selecting the courses you are enrolling in.

Feel free to purchase your books in print (hardback or paperback), electronic (Kindle, Nook, etc.) or audio (Audible). Everyone has their own preference so feel free to choose your best learning method.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time


The IEM degree is not designed to be a full-time degree, but some of you may be required to be a full-time student because of your international status or for financial aid reasons. If you are an international student and need a course for CPT, you must register for the IEM Special Topics (ST) course that is set up each semester (IEM 690). If you do not need a CPT course, you may register for any course that UAB offers to become full-time. The Fall and Spring IEM courses will be 2 hours and the Summer course will be 3 hours and this course will help you be a full-time student while enrolled in IEM. The topic of this course will change every semester and will relate to IEM. Everyone is welcome to register for this course, but this course is not required for the IEM degree and is considered an elective course so it will not count toward IEM degree requirements.

IEM Seminar (IEM 601) Dates/Times


The IEM Seminar is one of the classes you will register for in the Fall (IEM 601) and is scheduled to meet August 14, 15, and 16 from 8-5 each day.  While attendance is not required, we would strongly encourage you to participate in this event on the UAB campus if possible.  For those of you who cannot attend, our seminar leadership team is planning to stream the seminar live so you will be able to watch the live feed in Canvas.  For those who cannot participate during that time frame at all, you will be able to view the footage after the seminar in Canvas. If you can only attend one or two days of the seminar, we encourage you to participate as much as possible to receive the greatest benefit. We will be sending out a survey later this month with questions about your participation plans so we can make sure we have enough supplies and food each day.

For those of you who are planning to come into town, UAB has several hotels in the area that offer discounted rates for UAB visitors and they are listed on this website - (closest to UAB and in no particular order are:  Courtyard by Marriott, Doubletree Hotel, Hotel Highland, Residence Inn, and Spring Hills Suites Marriott). 

IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #2

The Seminar Activities Team is excited to know that you are committed to the IEM experience.  We are requesting all incoming clients to submit a 30-second innovative video that introduces you to your classmates!


1.        Video should be no longer than 30 seconds.

2.        Include your first and last name.

3.        Include three interesting things about yourself.

4.        Upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

5.        Send the link to your video to the following email no later than July 31, 2014.

This will be your classmates' first impression of you. Remember be innovative!

Meet the IEM Director – Dr. Dale Callahan, PE and the IEM Director of Strategic Planning – Don Appleby


Dale Callahan was hired by UAB to develop the IEM Program in 2000 and has served as the IEM Director since the program was established. He is an author, speaker and an entrepreneur.

Don Appleby was a member of the first IEM class in 2000. He is a published author, IEM faculty member, and Director of Strategic Planning for IEM.

You will see Dale and Don often as you progress through the IEM curriculum so make sure that you connect with them through LinkedIn.


How to Apply

It's not too late to apply!

There is still time to be admitted to UAB if you are interested in starting in Fall 2013.

Here are the steps you will need to take to complete your application for admission.  Don't forget that the deadline to submit a degree-seeking application for the Fall semester is July 1.

Go to Apply Yourself for the UAB Graduate School and start your application.  You can complete this application in multiple sittings.  You will need to list your person information, references, schools you attended, upload your resume and essay and pay the application fee to be able to submit the application.  The recommendations and transcripts do not have to be received to submit the application and can be received at a later date. 

For references, you can just list the recommender's name and e-mail address and the system will automatically send an e-mail request and they can submit the recommendation electronically.  Most of the form has check boxes, but it also has an area to make additional comments so they can make additional comments without having to write a formal letter for you.   

IEM does not require the GMAT or GRE so under test scores, just select "waived" and keep going.

You will need to request original transcripts from every school you have attended (whether you graduated from there or not).  Those need to be sent to the

United States Postal Service: UAB Graduate School LHL G03 1720 2nd Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35294-0013 

Shipping Companies: UAB Graduate School LHL G03 1700 University Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35294-0013 

  If the school offers an electronic option, they can be e-mailed to   If you have unofficial copies of your transcripts, you can scan/e-mail those to the Grad School at to expedite that process since transcripts are typically what takes the longest to receive.

Your essay should contain a short paragraph addressing each of the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a part of IEM and what do you expect to gain? 
  2. Describe your area(s) of technical expertise. 
  3. Tell us about one major accomplishment and one major setback you have faced in your career and how that impacted you. 
  4. Why will your classmates be glad you are on their team?
The video introducing yourself to IEM should be less than 5 minutes in length.  Please tell us a little about yourself, what you've done and why you want to be admitted to IEM.  The video should be posted to YouTube, privacy settings set to "unlisted," and the link e-mailed to

A photograph of yourself (preferably a head shot you would use on a LinkedIn profile) should be e-mailed to Email Me

If you have ANY questions, please let us know.  If you would like to speak with Dale one-on-one, just let us know and we can set up a phone call or a meeting.   

We look forward to having you join IEM!