How to Apply

It's not too late to apply!

There is still time to be admitted to UAB if you are interested in starting in Fall 2013.

Here are the steps you will need to take to complete your application for admission.  Don't forget that the deadline to submit a degree-seeking application for the Fall semester is July 1.

Go to Apply Yourself for the UAB Graduate School and start your application.  You can complete this application in multiple sittings.  You will need to list your person information, references, schools you attended, upload your resume and essay and pay the application fee to be able to submit the application.  The recommendations and transcripts do not have to be received to submit the application and can be received at a later date. 

For references, you can just list the recommender's name and e-mail address and the system will automatically send an e-mail request and they can submit the recommendation electronically.  Most of the form has check boxes, but it also has an area to make additional comments so they can make additional comments without having to write a formal letter for you.   

IEM does not require the GMAT or GRE so under test scores, just select "waived" and keep going.

You will need to request original transcripts from every school you have attended (whether you graduated from there or not).  Those need to be sent to the

United States Postal Service: UAB Graduate School LHL G03 1720 2nd Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35294-0013 

Shipping Companies: UAB Graduate School LHL G03 1700 University Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35294-0013 

  If the school offers an electronic option, they can be e-mailed to   If you have unofficial copies of your transcripts, you can scan/e-mail those to the Grad School at to expedite that process since transcripts are typically what takes the longest to receive.

Your essay should contain a short paragraph addressing each of the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a part of IEM and what do you expect to gain? 
  2. Describe your area(s) of technical expertise. 
  3. Tell us about one major accomplishment and one major setback you have faced in your career and how that impacted you. 
  4. Why will your classmates be glad you are on their team?
The video introducing yourself to IEM should be less than 5 minutes in length.  Please tell us a little about yourself, what you've done and why you want to be admitted to IEM.  The video should be posted to YouTube, privacy settings set to "unlisted," and the link e-mailed to

A photograph of yourself (preferably a head shot you would use on a LinkedIn profile) should be e-mailed to Email Me

If you have ANY questions, please let us know.  If you would like to speak with Dale one-on-one, just let us know and we can set up a phone call or a meeting.   

We look forward to having you join IEM!