Fall Class Dates

Fall 2013 Class Dates


Fall 2013 (official UAB semester dates - 8/26/13-12/13/13)

IEM Seminar Dates:  August 15-17, 8 am - 5 pm each day

On Campus Meeting Dates

·         August 23-24

·         September 13-14

·         October 11-12

·         November 1-2

·         November 22-23

Meet the Director

Meet the IEM Director – Dr. Dale Callahan, PE and the IEM Director of Strategic Planning – Don Appleby

DCallahan 2
Dale Callahan was hired by UAB to develop the IEM Program in 2000 and has served as the IEM Director since the program was established. He is an author and an entrepreneur.
don appleby
Don Appleby was a member of the first IEM class in 2000 and is now a faculty member and Director of Strategic Planning for IEM.

You will see Dale and Don almost every semester as you progress through the IEM curriculum so make sure that you connect with them through LinkedIn.

Welcome to New Clients!

Getting Started

Welcome to the IEM Class of 2016! We are looking forward to getting started… expect this to be a life changing experience! We are so glad you are an IEM Client! Congratulations! This is the Getting Started page. Everything you need to do before classes begin, as well as meeting dates, and important information is posted here. We e-mail this information to new clients, but if you lose those emails, or want an easy way to check back on details, we post it here so everything is in one place.

We recommend you Bookmark This Page since it is not a public page on our website.

If you have changed your plans in any way and do not plan to participate in IEM for Fall 2014, please let us know ASAP. If you let us know before the seminar starts in August, we can probably defer your admission to the 2015 Spring or Fall semester. If not, you will likely have to go through the entire admission process again.  

You are responsible for the information on this page.  
We expect you to find us, and ask us, if you need help. That's why we're here!
Call us at 205-934-8480 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IEM 2014 Admissions Checklist

Once you have been admitted to UAB, here are some things you will need to do prior to IEM classes beginning in August.  E-mails are listed below this checklist (select the date to view each e-mail in its entirety).


Important e-mails from IEM:

  • E-mail #1 - 6/12/14

    · Meet the IEM Program Manager

    · BlazerID and UAB E-mail

    · International Status

    · Registration/Books

    · Google Groups and SM

    · IEM Seminar

    · IEM Recruiting Incentive
  • E-mail #2 - 6/27/14

    · Fall 2014 Class Dates

    · Canvas

    · IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #1

  • E-mail #3 – 7/10/14

    ·       Registering for IEM Classes

    ·       Books/Software

    ·       Full-time vs. Part-time Status

    ·       IEM 601 Seminar Dates/Times

    ·       IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #2

    ·       Meet the IEM Director – Dr. Dale Callahan, PE and the IEM Director of Strategic Planning – Don Appleby

IEM Recommended Reading

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 1.10.09 PM

Books we recommend all the time.
Successful people read, voraciously. So much that eventually we created this reading list so we could put all our recommendations in one place. They work so well, we lovingly call them "the Go Further Books" because reading these books gives information to anyone--at any place in life--and supplies them with the information they need to move forward, reach higher, and go further. These books highlight what you need to do financially to stay on top (or get to the top), they examine how you can network better, and even give you step by step guides on figuring out your passion so you can move toward success on your own terms. These books go against the grain sometimes on what it takes to succeed, but all of these titles remain tried and true. These books are essential for your library. 

Dave Ramsey EntreleadershipHighly Effective People CoveyHow to Win Friends and Influence PeopleLaws of Leadership MaxwellPlatformResumes Are WorthlessRich Dad Poor DadTHe Magic of Thinking Big
TOday We are Richwhat color is your parachute


Helpful Hints About LinkedIN for New Clients

If you are new to LinkedIN, you may have some questions. To help our new clients that are just getting started with social media we have compiled a few links that will help you. Many of these links are from the LinkedIN Learning Center. Search the learning center for more helpful articles, and feel free to contact our Social Media Consultant directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or need help. Welcome to Social Media!


What is LinkedIN?

Creating a LinkedIN Profile

Finding and Joining a Group on LinkedIN

10 Best and Free Sites for Online Video Editing Software

Uploading a Video to YouTube

Video Uploading to My LinkedIN Profile
  - Information about the SlideShare App and how to use it for uploading LinkedIN videos.

Need something Step by Step? Check out the Free LinkedIN Training Opportunities:
LinkedIN offers free webinars to get you started using LinkedIN. Click here for a list of classes and schedules they offer.

Now that you're set up, do you need help knowing what to DO on LinkedIN?
Check out their blog for a great way to plug in, comment, and get to know the community.

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See You at the Top Zig Ziglar