Class Location

Class Location
Most IEM classes meet in the Business Engineering Complex (BEC) which is at 1150 10th Avenue South. Sometimes we meet in Hoehn, which is at 1075 13th Street. For specific class location information on individual classes, please check the schedule here



You can park on the street, or in a designated parking lot. You must have a decal to park in the lot. You can purchase decals from UAB. While many do NOT buy parking decals, it is your choice. Since IEM Classes start early in the day often finding parking is not to much of an issue – but no guarantees.  Use the following link to find out more about parking at UAB: Parking

Meet the Program Manager

Meet the IEM PM


The IEM Program Manager is going to be your biggest resource each semester so go ahead and put Maria’s name, e-mail address and phone number in your contact list now.  She can assist you with all things IEM and UAB and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Maria Whitmire

Maria Whitmire, CAP-OM

IEM Program Manager


IEM Recruiting Incentive

IEM Recruiting Incentive


In case you haven’t heard, IEM offers a $250 recruiting incentive to IEM clients that recommend the program to new applicants that enroll and stay with the program for 2 semesters.  If an IEM Alumni recommended you to IEM, please be sure to let us know so that they receive credit for recruiting you.  And you are eligible for this incentive also so start recruiting others that you think will benefit from IEM so you can cash in too!

We plan to “walk you through” the steps you need to take to be prepared for the fall semester.  Most information you will need about classes and dates can be found on the IEM website under the client info tab at   We are in the process of setting up a website to contain all these e-mails so you shouldn’t miss anything important.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to address in the coming weeks.

Connect on Social Media

If you do not have accounts on these social media groups, you probably need to start setting those up since you will be using them during your IEM experience.  Start by following and liking our social media IEM Groups:

Google Group – this is a group that IEM has set up just for your IEM Class -  This is a distribution list that we will use to communicate with you now and even after you have graduated from the program.  The e-mail address you listed on your IEM application was used for this group.  If you would prefer to use a different e-mail address, or list an additional e-mail address, please let Maria know so she can update your account. You can only communicate with the group using the e-mail addresses that are included in the groups.  Please note that when you do a “reply” to e-mails sent to the group that you are “replying all” so please be conscious of this since this list includes faculty as well.


LinkedIn IEM Group:

Facebook: IEM - Information Engineering and Management -

Twitter: @IEM_UAB -!/iem_uab

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, start building yours today and start making connections to IEM faculty and staff.

Create a Blazer ID

BlazerID and UAB E-mail


Once you have been admitted and your paperwork has been processed by the Graduate School, you will need to create a BlazerID. This will be critical to operating at UAB. This is an identifier that will stick with you the entire time you are at UAB (and after you leave) so you might not want to select “hotmama” as your BlazerID.  We suggest you use something that will identify you (like callahan or dalec).

When requesting your BlazerID, you can use your student number (starts with B0xxxxxx) to request the BlazerID or your social security number.  Request the BlazerID here:

You will also note that at the bottom of the BlazerID request form, the question is asked “Would you like a UAB e-mail account?”  If you plan to log in and check your UAB e-mail account regularly, then select yes.  If you don’t want another e-mail account to check, then list the e-mail address you want your UAB e-mail forwarded to in the box to the left of the question.  It is very important that you make sure your UAB e-mail is checked regularly or forwarded to another provider since ALL communication coming from UAB uses the UAB E-mail address.  You can go back and update this later if you change your mind.

Familiarize yourself with Canvas

Familiarize yourself with Canvas – as soon as you have your blazerID, you can log into Canvas at  Note: if you log in, you won’t see any courses until you register for classes and the courses are officially opened.  Courses typically open up the day before classes officially begin each semester.  The content for all your course assignments will be posted here for ALL your courses.

Each professor has a little different format for where inside Canvas they will post assignments and grades, so if you have questions or cannot find a particular item, please ask before the due date for help.