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Online Engineering Management Master's Degree. 

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We understand your work day is different from the average professional and your availability to attend classes may vary from day to day. That's why our master's degree is offered 100% online and in multiple formats (video, audio, and text). No matter what you did at work today, you can earn an executive masters degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham to strategically move your career forward. The Information Engineering and Management (IEM) Masters Degree at UAB offers a powerful and award-winning executive masters degree to meet the needs of active military professionals. You can join us on campus one weekend a month for our live class sessions, attend the live sessions remotely via our online live stream, or you can watch the recorded class session at a time that fits with your schedule using our user-friendly online content management system. All of these formats are fully supported by faculty and staff ready to answer your questions, provide resources, give feedback, and help you succeed.

Why an IEM Masters Degree?

· Flexible - Online meetings can be taken live or on your own time using our online content management service. Meetings are held once a month, so attendance fits around your schedule. We provide content available in audio, video, and text so you can download information as it makes sense for you. 

· Real World. Each faculty member is an expert in their field, so the course content is current and relevant to day’s professionals. When it comes to curriculum, we do not use old and outdated textbooks. We read what leaders read. 

·Client Focused. We choose to use the term client instead of student because we consider each person in IEM a client of ours. It is our job to serve you, and we are here to help you grow.  We are the consultants for the business of you.

· Connections - Even when you need to attend class exclusively online, being online does not mean being alone. Everyone from faculty to staff makes the intentional effort to make sure each client is connected and powerfully networked both within IEM and in their professional sphere.

· Experience - All clients in the program have relevant real world experience. Expect to learn from other clients as much as faculty. 

What you will learn here:

·The business of you - How to operate your career as a business and take back control of your path. 

·Leadership in the world of technology - Social media, remote teams, and complex technology environments add new leadership challenges. 

Technology and innovation - How to innovate and motivate innovation as well as how to make sure innovation does not catch you by surprise. 

Technology ventures - How to operate like an entrepreneur even if you work for a large and bureaucratic organization. 

·Networking on steroids. Hate networking? We will teach you how to be power networkers to connect to the people who are your heroes. 


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Global Entrepreneurship Week

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Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world's largest celebration of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs that go beyond an idea to realize a dream. These creative individuals launch startups that not only drive economic growth but they move society forward as they redefine success. Many individual startups in Birmingham have come out of IEM and are thriving in our great city. We feel it is about time that the city of Birmingham stands up to be counted among the 123 countries, 7 million people, and 40,000 activities around the world celebrating entrepreneurship during the week of November 18 -24. Join IEM on Tuesday, November 19 as we feature some of the startup founders, CEOs, and innovators of Birmingham telling us of their own success, and sharing how you can become a great entrepreneur yourself.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5:30 pm - Networking Opportunity with refreshments
6:00 pm - Program Begins

The program takes place at Doozer Software, Inc. 4 Riverchase Rdg, Birmingham, AL 35244
Driving Directions Here.
Doozer logo

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Admission is free, but seats are extremely limited to attend in person--RSVP now


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Can't attend in person?  Beginning at 6 pm on November 19, we will be live streaming the event. Please RSVP for the Live Streaming session so we can send you instructions to connect. 

You can chat with us live via twitter. Use the hashtag #GEW and #IEM_UAB

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You can also sponsor this event! Participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week puts your company on the list of the most innovative and creative companies in Birmingham. The association with GEW makes your company stand out among the competition. If you are an entrepreneur, or a company who supports innovation, you are invited to sponsor the event and we will represent you on our mailouts, as well as distribute your company's logo-filled marketing material on the night of the event. We have $250, $350, and $500 sponsorship spots available, these go directly to our scholarship fund, which helps IEM grow more innovators and entrepreneurs here in Birmimgham. Email us to get started. 

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See you Nov. 19 as IEM Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week!!

IEM Alum, Brian Cauble, Wins Outstanding Alumnus Award

Congratulations to Mr. Brian Cauble, recipient of the UAB National Alumni Society Outstanding Young Alumnus award! Read the full article here. 
Brian Cauble UAB National Alumni Society Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

Gwen Van Steenberge reviving Lodi Iron Works

Gwen Van Steenberge IEM AlumGwen Van Steenberge reviving Lodi Iron Works
Read full article here. 

Getting a Job on the Computer Won't Work.

crop380w_istock_000004468882xsmall-filling-out-form-onlineI know people who have sat down at the computer and spent hours pouring over, or any of the other myriad of job posting websites out there wanting to get a job, get a job, get a job. any job. Money, yesterday. That's what they need.

So they submit 28 resumes in one day, and then they wait. and wait, and wait. When they don't hear from anyone, they get depressed. What I rarely see anyone do, though, is take action.

If you're really interested in getting a job, you're going to have to meet people. Given that working a job has you interacting with the human race almost daily, I really have a hard time fathoming why when you seek to get a job the idea of--gasp!--speaking with a live person is so daunting.

I guess I do know, really. It's scary. It's an opportunity to be rejected, and much like breaking up with someone over text message, there are times when you just can't handle the rejection, so you let the computer do it for you.

It's easy to delete a "no thank you" email; it's painfully forthright to have to face a person who says "you're not right for this position." and of course, when you submit a resume, that's what you're risking. But hiding behind your piece of paper will not get you the job you need. 

You have to put aside what you want today for the thing you want most. and I doubt you really want a job so much as you want a career-something you can enjoy doing every day, and get paid for it.

Dale Callahan talks more about this topic in his article Resumes are Worthless.  It isn't really that the resume is not valuable for what it is, but as a society we've let the resume take on an almost imperial type role where we think if we uphold the resume enough that someone that will be the key to success, when in reality it's people who hire people, not paper. So more than a good look on paper, you're going to have to interact with the people in your career.

Jerry Seinfeld on Writing "The Pop Tart Joke"

From Michael Hyatt's blog, we are sharing this video by Jerry Seinfeld where he talks about how it took him two years to write "The Pop Tart Joke." Even art takes hard work. Watch the video and hear his story.

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