thedipsethgodin The website for "The Dip" (which you can view here) talks about the book with this quote "Every new project (or job, or hobby, or company) starts out exciting and fun. Then it gets harder and less fun, until it hits a low point-really hard, and not much fun at all. And then you find yourself asking if the goal is even worth the hassle. Maybe you're in a Dip-a temporary setback that will get better if you keep pushing. But maybe it's really a Cul-de-Sac, which will never get better, no matter how hard you try...I don't claim to have all the answers. But I will teach you how to ask the right questions." This sounded like IEM material to us. When Dale Callahan read it, he agreed. This book can show you how to ask the right questions, to pursue the right answers, and to generally have a better outlook on what work is, and what it isn't, and how that matters to you. Check out the book here.

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